10 Things You MUST Do When You’re Still Young, Wild and Free

Before you get too old to go out at a bar and pull a cheesy pickup line, here’s your list of silly things you MUST do when you’re still young, wild and free.

You’ve heard it a million times that life is short, you live your youth only once and you should truly enjoy a care-free life. What’s most important is to know how young you’d feel if you never knew your age. Yet there are some things that are better done when you’re young. Once you start a family and responsibilities take a hold of you, there are many things at stake if you do one silly thing at a wrong time and wrong place, such as your dignity and your social status.

In youth, luckily, there’s nothing at stake. Anything you do can only teach you a lesson you’ll find important later in life. You have both the energy and the ability to take spontaneous actions and live your life without care. Before you realize that you’re wasting your youth and you can no longer be irresponsible, we got you a list of things you simply must do while you’re young, wild and free.

Young Wild and Free

Grasp your life with both hands and squeeze all the good stuff your youth offers. You learn a new lesson with each experience, so make sure you’ll learn a lot of important life lessons that will help you build a life you’ll love. No matter how young you are, here are 10 things you must do before it’s too late.

Travel as Much as You Can

Before you get trapped in your everyday grown-ups-routine, spend all your savings on traveling around the world. Visit the country you always wanted to see. Meet people from different cultures. Make small local trips often. Pack your bag and get out there. There is a lot around the world you need to see.

Go Out as Often as You Can

Your parents or other relatives have probably asked you once why are you still home at Saturday night when you can go out with your friends and have fun. While there are undoubtedly times when you’re going to feel down and not in the mood for going out, try to go out as often as you can when you’re young and full of energy. As you grow, you will only be getting lazier, less interested and less enthusiastic about having a beer at a bar with your friends.

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Learn a Language

Wondering why would you spend more time reading, learning and educating yourself? Simply because there will never be a better time for learning something that you never know when it may come in handy than now, when you have a plenty of free time. It may not necessarily be time well spent, but once you start building a career, having a second or third language under your belt will be a big advantage of yours.

Go See Your Favorite Musician Perform Live

Whether it’s a local celebrity or a world-famous star, go see your favorite musician play live. Don’t say you can go to their concert some other time, because they just might retire or something else could happen and you’ll carry a regret all your life. Grab your ticket for your favorite musician’s very next show and have the time of your life.

Take Risks

Although life itself is a series of risks and rewards, take all the risks you can when there’s nothing much to lose. Whether you want to create a news website or open a restaurant, give your “crazy” idea a try and see how it turns out for you. Despite being a risky move, it might just turn out to be your early career breakthrough.

Find Your Best Friend

Finding your best friend can be a tricky, confusing and emotional path, but the earlier you start looking for it, the bigger your chances are to find that one person with whom you can build a long-lasting friendship. While you surely should hang out with tons of friends in your youth, you need only one friend to refer to as best friend.

Try a New Haircut

Before you decide to cut your hair as you always do, try a new haircut instead and try to keep it longer than ever. Regardless of whether you’re a girl or a boy, don’t settle for the same style for such a long period. Do whatever you want with your hair or your clothes. In worst case, you will discover what does and what does not work for you early in your life.

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Find a Job You Love

Although not impossible, finding your dream job at early age is quite difficult these days, mostly because a big number of teenagers and young adults haven’t found themselves as individuals yet, as well as their dream jobs. But whether you’re still in high school or college, you could surely use some cash. This way, you are also increasing your chances of discovering what your dream job is.

Spend a Weekend Partying

As the years go by, the chances of pulling an “all-weekender” are largely decreasing. Your responsibilities will make it almost impossible to spend an all nighter, yet alone partying 2-3 consecutive nights. Before they take hold, check how big of a party animal you really are. It’s really worth trying.

Have a Hangover to Remember

There’s nothing more insane than getting wasted to a level that will give you a hangover to remember next day. Since we are curious by nature, getting drunk is more common than one would guess – everyone gets drunk at least once. Experience what it’s like to be so hungover that you can feel your body saying “No” to your commands. Get this out of your system when you’re still young, so you can be better at having a full control over your life.

Of course, making mistakes, being stupid and experimenting doing all sort of things are naturally a part of your youth, but don’t worry, it is the only way to gain experience and grow to an intelligent, responsible and confident person. But you can significantly reduce the number of mistakes in your life as an adult if you do these 10 things while you’re young. So brace yourself and start shaping your future!


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