21 Questions Game: A Penny for Your Thoughts Spot on

The 21 questions game has the ability to bring you closer to your friends or your partner in a fun way. Find out everything about this get-to-know game here!

21 Questions is an utterly simple and incredibly popular game that falls under the category of ice-breaking games. It is an ideal choice when you want to get to know someone better, whether it’s your crush or a friend you recently met. Basically, the game is just asking and answering, but it delivers much more fun than its simple philosophy promises. The 21 questions game gives you an opportunity to ask somebody the questions you were always lacking the courage and confidence to do and thanks to the rules of the game, you will get honest and sincere answers.

21 questions game
21 questions game

The 21 questions game guarantees that you’ll know more about the other player or players than you previously did and you may also find out more about their life goals, if you dare to ask. But getting closer to friends is not everything that this game has to offer. The core basics of the game easily make it a flirty game for couples. You can play a modified version of this game as a dating questions game with your partner and come up with some romantic, naughty and dirty couples game questions that will spice up and even strengthen your relationship. However, you can also choose to ask questions about personal beliefs, life experiences and ambitions.

How to Play 21 Questions Game?

Before we provide you with intriguing, thrilling and extremely fun questions for 21 questions game, we must make sure that you’re familiar with the rules of the game. The one and only rule is: no lying during the game. All the answers must be truthful and honest, because otherwise, the game has no point. This game should be played in a relaxed atmosphere where every player will feel free to give the genuine answers without the fear of being judged. If other players notice that one player is bending the truth, they may also get encouraged to lie and as soon as you notice, the game is over.

To start off a game of 21 questions, you need 2-8 players willing to let their guard down and reveal their deepest truths and secrets. There is no limit on maximum players per game, but more than 8 players could make the game slow, messy and a bit boring. Once you gather all together and establish your additional rules (optional), you can start.

The first “victim” to answer 21 random questions can be chosen anyhow. If there are more than 4 players, voting is (probably) the best idea, except if you don’t have one player who’s been very excited about playing this game and would love to start the game. The player to ask the first question is responsible for setting the tone for the game, because the other players will follow the example and may feel most comfortable to come up with same sort of questions.

The game runs quite simple and very smooth. The first victim is being asked 21 questions by all other players. When the victim has answered to a total of 21 questions, you choose the second victim and you can do it anyhow too. Again, in turns, every player ask the target a question until they get 21 answers. The game continues until every player has been asked 21 questions. However, there are many modified versions of the 21 good questions game that you might be interested in playing or maybe you’d like to modify or add a few rules to the original version.

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If you want to make the game more dynamic, you can choose one “asker” and one “answerer” to ask and answer each other questions alternatively. This way, each player will get to ask multiple questions to one player, instead of asking 21 questions to different players. Not only this makes the game more dynamic, more interesting and longer, but it also makes it easier for both the asker and the answerer. However, there is danger of being on the other side of the questions you had in mind for a particular player.

The Best Questions for 21 Questions Game

Now when we’re sure you know the rules of the game, it’s time to learn how to be a professional player of the 21 questions game. With a vast selection of great questions you can ask, how do you know which are the best ones? The best way to find out what questions to ask is to think about the interaction that could come out of your questions and if it meets your expectations. Below we provide you with a list of 10 incredibly fun and completely appropriate questions to ask anybody.

If you were to describe yourself with a quote, what would that quote be?

Everyone has a favorite quotation, but it doesn’t automatically mean that it is THE quote that defines their lives. No matter how well you think you know your friend or partner, you may be surprised by the quote they choose to describe themselves. It’s always fun to hear people’s perspective on their own best qualities.

What would you use a time machine for: to travel back in time or in future?

This is a seriously thought provoking question that could easily get the answerer pondering. Would he/she go back in time to right their wrongs or travel in the future and start a new life with advances that would completely change the way people used to live? This question could be the MVQ (Most Valuable Question) of the night.

What did you want to grow up to be when you were little?

We were all little once and we all wanted to be something when we grow up. Your friend might now be a very successful lawyer, but once they dreamed of becoming the next Michael Jordan. Hearing out their story will definitely be interesting and you could also find out how they got inspired to become who they are today.

If you were a superhero, what super-powers would you have?

Time travel, teleportation, flying ability, super speed, super senses, super strength, mind control, weather control, immortality, invisibility… I could go on and on, but the point is, with the wide selection of super powers, what super powers would they like to have? Even though some of us are deep into the world of comics and super heroes (guilty as charged!) and could say the super powers they’d like to have in a blink of an eye, this question could give a hard time thinking to those who are not superheroes fanatics as well.

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If you had to choose between getting fired for being late and saving a drowning dog, what would you choose?

The answer of this question will give you a clear picture of the person who answers it. An animal lover or just a compassionate person who would gladly get fired for the sake of a dog in need of help or a person, whose priority will always be their job, would pass by the dog in order to save their job?

What is more important: to have a job that makes you happy or rich?

Even though there are millions of people who believe that wealth unlocks the door to happiness, that is not always the case. Money can help us achieve our life goals and make our living more comfortable, but it doesn’t guarantee happiness. But choosing happiness over money can also have consequences. Don’t you want to know what other people prefer?

Couples game questions
Couples game questions

What is the one thing you cannot imagine your life without?

Everyone of us values different things in life. There are some things that we could easily survive without, but we all have one thing that seems to be of indispensable value for us. It could be pets, family, music, friendship, phones, cars or maybe some people value their vital organs more than anything else in the world and see everything else as just desires.

If your parents didn’t like your partner, would you break up or not?

Unfortunately, this happens. Many parents do not approve the partners their sons and daughters choose and force them to break up. But is that what your friend would do? This question is of a ruthless nature and its truthful answer has the potential to make it even more ruthless.

What is the household chore you hate the most?

This question could provide a heavy group laughter attack, especially if a guy is about to answer it. There are many households chores we hate (sorry, girls), but there is one that makes us go insane. Is it taking out the garbage? Or doing the dishes? Make sure you’re not asking someone whose crush is also present, because it could open up a long discussion regarding their future life together.

If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would your choice be?

Of course it is unhealthy to eat only one food on a daily basis, but assuming that nutrition is not an issue, what would your friend choose to be their only food for the rest of their life? In fact, is there a food they could eat every single day for breakfast, lunch and dinner? There’s only one way to find out.

The rule(s) of the 21 questions game are meant to be broken and our 10 questions are just examples, bound to inspire creation of your own unique and intriguing questions.