3 Best Ways to Hack Someone’s Instagram without Their Password

Because of Instagram’s level of security, it is almost impossible to hack into someone’s account. You can only do it if you have the password, or you are a pro hacker. However, it should not mean that spying into that account is not possible.

Nowadays, with an efficient spy app hacking into someone’s Instagram account is easier than ever. But which one’s are the best, you may ask. We have three solutions that can help you hack someone’s Instagram without needing their password. Here they are.

  1. Spyier



There is no easier way to hack someone’s Instagram without their password other than using Spyier.This is a spy app with huge recommendations from online brands. Some of them include Life Hacker, Digital Trends, and Forbes. In addition to that, Spyier has over one million users, which is enough proof that the site is reliable.

Installing the app

Primarily, you do not need a password to do so. All you need is to have the phone for a few minutes. Some people, though, put security measures that block intruders from spying on their phones. You can ask the owner to give you their password innocently so that you can do something.

After you have access to the app store, you can download it there. The Spyier official app does not require any jailbreak for iPhones or rooting for Android. It is compatible with all phones as long as you install a compatible operating system.

Spyier hides typically in the background. Once you install it, it will go directly to stealth mode and operate without raising any alarm. Furthermore, since it is not a large file, it will not consume much space.

Accessing the Instagram account


Once you complete the installation process, give the phone back to the owner. You can now access the user dashboard from any browser regardless. Create an account using the primary email of the target device if it is an Android phone, and cloud ID if it is an iPhone.

You will receive several payment plans, which you should choose depending on your budget and needs. If you want to monitor different Instagram accounts, then you may have to select the Corporate/family payment plan.

When you are through with all these, you can now monitor the Instagram account from a remote location. You should also know who they are texting, what images and clips they receive on their inbox and any other activities.

  1. Spyic

spyic-bannerAnybody who wants to monitor an Instagram account wants to do it without detection. If the app raises the alarm, it can bring a huge problem to you since they can format their phone, which brings you back to where you started.

Spyic is another app with a good reputation. With more than two million subscribers, this app operates in the background. As in, whether you are using Android or iPhone, you are sure that the target will not suspect anything.

Installing the app is super easy. As soon as you finish downloading the Spyic app, you are free to create an account, which will also prompt that you buy a suitable plan for you. After this, you can access Instagram, regardless. What is excellent about this app is that it keeps track of all the activities.

  1. Cocospy


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cocospy-world-first-cell-phone-spyIf you are looking for a highly trusted spy app, then Cocospy is an ideal solution. Many people who want to monitor a target’s device social media activity use this spy app because you are sure that the owner of the target device will not discover it at all.

When installing this app, you can choose two options. Either you allow the app to operate from the background or, you can let function openly like other apps. Nevertheless, since you are doing a spying job, ensure that you hide it.

Like the other two, Cocospy has a payment plan, which allows you to access the user dashboard. There are different options; hence, choose the one that is favorable to you.


From the article, you can agree that monitoring Instagram is super easy. You only need a spy app, and you are good to go. The above three spy apps are the best in the methods you will find the market.

Ensure that as you pick, you select the one that fits your purpose and needs. 

For instance, if you want to keep tabs with several Instagram accounts, then you should buy a plan that allows you to do that.