A Complete Guide for Hand and Nail Care at Home

Smooth skin, impeccable soft touch and perfectly shaped nails with the latest trendy nail polish colour – a common sight of every modern lady. However, not every woman has the time or the money to go to regular manicure treatment. So, she has to come up with hand and nail care ideas by herself. If you recognize yourself as part of this group, don’t fret, as we have the best tips to help you care in the best way possible for your hands and nails in the comfort of your home. Here is what you should do.


No to Hot Water!

Even though the first thing that comes on your mind when talking about hand care or nail care is moisturising, there is something even more important before the application of your favourite hand and nail cream. It is limiting the exposure to hot water. That is the first rule you need to swear by if you want to have supple hands. Hot water dries out the skin and damages the nail polish by making it lift and fall off. The solution is simple, use lukewarm or cold water whenever you can.

Moisturising Is a Must

Constant moisturising the hands is not obsessive; it is the key to smooth skin and delaying the skin ageing process. You should apply and reapply your favourite hand and nail cream all the time throughout the day and night when you can. For that purpose, it is a good idea to have several tubes of cream close to you in different locations: on the nightstand, by the kitchen sink, by the bathroom sink, in your purse, on your desk at work etc… you get the point right?

Take Care of the Cuticles

Cuticles surely seem like an insignificant part of the nails, but that is only when they are healthy. The smallest tears (caused by hangnails or dryness) can cause painful swelling and a bad sight. Therefore, you need to take care of them when they are healthy so you can prevent any tears or damages. What you should do is have a home maintenance kit with an intensive moisturizer for cuticles and rough skin and an extra rich hand and nail cream, and use it on a daily basis, of course.


In addition, when you hydrate that sensitive area with these types of moisturizers you create a protective shield against bacteria, fungus and yeast. Another thing, also very important, is to never cut or bite the cuticles off because doing so will leave the area open to infections. Instead, you should apply cuticle remover and this will soften the skin so you can push cuticles back gently with a stick.

Keep Your Nails Short

If you have nails that tend to break easily, keeping them short is the ideal solution. You should only trim and file them every now and then to keep the length you like and you will never worry about them again.

Do the Nail Treatment Regularly

There are several steps you can take in order to have the perfect polished nails that everyone will notice. The first step is to apply a primer which will create a smooth canvas on the surface of your nails. To pick the right one, you should go for a type that will be suitable for your specific nail issues. Then, you should apply the base coat which will extend the life of the manicure. Plus, it will prevent staining your nails. The third step is applying a thin coat of your favourite nail polish colour, of course, once the base is all dried up. You can apply a second layer of the nail polish for a more intensified effect. Finally, you can apply a top coat which will be for the protection from chips. Not to mention that it will also make your nails shiny.

Don’t Forget the SPF

In the fight against premature ageing of the skin, a moisturiser with SPF is your secret weapon. Keep a tube everywhere you go, especially when you travel and your hands are exposed to the sun. The back of the hand is very sensitive to UV rays and too much exposure might lead to pronounced veins and appearance of dark spots. So, the SPF comes to the rescue. An interesting and useful fact is that according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, you must apply a cream with SPF of 15 or higher during the course of the whole year and SPF of 30 or higher when you are exposed to an extended amount of time in the sun.    

Keep Your Hands Protected from the Elements

In addition to the previous point, which is protecting the hands from the sun, you should also protect your hands from the elements altogether. Try to remember how your skin feels when the air is cold and dry. Dry, right? If you don’t do anything about it (apply moisturizer) your hands will very soon feel like sandpaper. So, apply moisturizer and remember: gloves are your hands’ best friend – wear them to limit exposure to the harsh elements.