ACT Scoring Range: What is a Good ACT Score for Scholarships

Beginning to study for the ACT and wondering what is a good ACT score? Here’s the ACT scoring range you should strive for to get in your dream college.

Whether you’re about to take the ACT testing and want to find what is a good ACT score or you’ve already taken it and you want to know how important is having a good ACT scoring range, this is definitely the place to be, as we’re about to cover all information you need to know regarding the ACT.

Any sort of testing is no one’s idea of having fun – true, but there are a plenty of reasons to take the ACT that can contribute to making your life more fun in a long run. Although a small number of colleges do not require ACT scores, most colleges, very likely including the one you want to attend, would like to see how you did on the ACT. Therefore, if you don’t take the testing, your options regarding your future college are going to be narrowly limited.


Another great reason why many students decide to take the ACT is because some colleges reward the students with the highest ACT score with tuition money. If you wanted to know what is the highest ACT score, you should know that ACT scoring range from a minimum of 1 to a maximum score of 36. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can get tuition money from a college only by scoring 36; that varies with the college.

What is the Best ACT Score for Scholarships?

If you want to get a good ACT score so you can get scholarship, then your quest begins here. The ACT test features 4 different sectional scores in English, Maths, Reading and Science, each ranging from 1 to 36. Your ACT score is going to be the average of these four scores. As aforementioned, the ACT score range for students varies with each college, so it’s quite difficult to answer a question like “what’s a good score for scholarship”. The best ACT score is of course 36, but it’s not necessary. The average ACT score is 20.8, but for getting scholarships, most colleges require a better score.

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Unless you do well in all four sections, you can’t get a perfect ACT score of 36, as the final score is your average scoring from all four sections. Put in other words, if you suck at Maths, forget about scoring perfect and settle for a good enough score to get a scholarship (follow the general rule: the higher, the better). And once again we ask ourselves, what score can be described as good? Well it totally depends on your goals and how do you want to tailor those goals to the school you always dreamed of.

Before you take the ACT testing, it is strongly suggested to decide at which school you want to get scholarship and which type of scholarship do you aim for. Unless you haven’t decided yet, it’s impossible to say what a good ACT score is, except scoring 30+ (of course). Scoring above 30 will put you right in the 90th percentile of ACT test takers, which means you scored better than 90 out of 100 students who took the ACT. With ACT score of 30+, you can get an incredibly high scholarship, or more exactly, over $15,000 per year. However, keep in mind that there are additional qualifying criteria you have to meet in order to get this sort of scholarship.

A word of advice for all students: even if you don’t believe your ACT score is eligible for scholarship, do your homework, double check if needed. Check if there are any colleges that give scholarship to students with your ACT score range. For example, if you score 3 to 5 points above the average of 21 ACT score, you could still get scholarship up to $7,000 per year at some colleges, such as Oklahoma State University. For higher scholarship, you need bigger dreams and more efforts into the ACT. Another importance advice is to regularly check the requirements of the college you’re applying for, as well as the average ACT score, as they are constantly changing.

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As I mentioned throughout the article, merit-based scholarships based on ACT scores are only a piece of the puzzle. There are many other ways to cut costs for college, based on both academic merit and financial need. Before you apply for scholarship, make sure you’re familiar with all your rights, options and possibilities to cut college costs. In a nutshell, there is a lot of money out there for resilient students who truly want to make it in the big world. You will be surprised when you find out how much money you can get at some colleges. Since your ACT score plays an important role in getting higher education scholarship, invest as much time and effort as you can to increase your score and become eligible for more money.


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