Really Good Best Friend Tag Questions

You think you know everything about your best friend just because you know them your whole life? Our best friend tag questions can put your claim on a test and unveil the truth.

Tag questions are specifically structured questions that we use when we seek for confirmation from the other party in the conversation. A mini-question follows your statement and asks the listener for a confirmation. For example: “Civil War is much better than Batman v Superman, isn’t it?”. But the school year has just ended and I’m not going to rain on your parade by teaching you grammar lessons. I’m about to provide you with some of the best friend tag questions there are that can strengthen your friendship with your best friend.

Best Friend Tag Questions
Best Friend Tag Questions

Before we get to the best friend questions, you’re probably wondering, “Why would I ask questions to my best friend? I know everything about him\her. He\She’s been my friend all my life.” That’s the first thing that comes to mind, but you might be wrong. True, you’re best friends, you know how much he\she doesn’t like going outs and prefers to watch their favorite TV show while eating pizza. But similarly to the 21 Questions game, the game of best friend tag questions has an incredible potential to bring you closer than ever, since you will learn so much about each other that you didn’t already knew (as you initially assumed).

Today, the most popular way to play the game of best friend tag questions is on Facebook. On your timeline, you post a random question and tag your best friend, who must answer it truthfully, despite the fact that the post can be seen by all of your friends. But the game has been taken to a new level: recording video of you and your best friend asking and answering best friend challenge questions. Once you finish answering the friendship tag questions, you can tag other friends and challenge them to do the same. However, you can implement any rules you like.

The possibilities with this game are endless. There are many different tag questions you can ask your best friend, but as I promised, here are the best ones. The following 10 best friend tag questions will not only give you a fun and quality bonding time, but they will also make sure you are indeed best friends.

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Best Friend Questions

Do you remember when did we meet and how?

Time travel to one of your most special moments in your life? Yes, please. Today you are best friends, but it’s very common for best friends to forget how and when did they meet. Does your best friend remember? If not, seize the opportunity to refresh their memory.

How would you describe me in only three words?

This one will be hard to answer, simply because three words seem too few to describe a best friend. Your best friend knows you better than most of the other people in your life, but what would those 3 words be that will describe you perfectly? It’s up to your friend to tell.

What is your most embarrassing moment in your life?

We all have a moment that will always haunt us to remind us of how silly once we were. This question promises a lot of fun on your Facebook timeline or YouTube channel, as any of your friends who knows your best friend could join and throw a joke on your friend’s most embarrassing moment. It maybe a little bit rude, but trust me, it brings friends closer.


What is your most treasured memory of our friendship?

The two of you probably have a different favorite moment of your friendship and you may be surprised of their choice. This tag question can open up a breach to a lot of memories you shared together that will make you realize how blessed you are with this relationship.

If I could be anywhere I want right now, where would it be?

This question will tell you if your best friend really knows you that much. Maybe there’s a concert of your favorite band in your town and you wanted to be there but failed to get a ticket, or maybe you’d given up from everything right now to spend the day on a beach. A best friend will effortlessly guess right.

What are the three things you cannot imagine your life without?

Can you guess all of those three things correctly? Or are you one of the three things your best friend cannot imagine their life without? An intriguing question that promises a more intriguing answer.

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What is the weirdest thing about you?

Everybody is made of an unusual mix of personality traits that makes them unique and of course, a little weird. You think you know your best friend? Just wait until you hear their weirdest story or the weirdest thing they like. It may just turn out that you don’t know them as much as you thought.

If you had $100,000 to spend in a day, how would you spend it?

This tag question is another simple, sneaky and effective way to find out more about your best friend’s priorities and indulgences. There are some who would donate half of the money to charity and spend the other half on clothes and stuff, some would buy their dream car and others would invest all of it. But how would your best friend decide to spend it?

How would you describe your perfect day from morning to midnight?

While many strive to make the most of any day, the busy schedule often makes it impossible for us to find time for the things we enjoy most. However, we all have imagined a perfect day. There are a lot of possibilities and it would be fun to hear out your best friend’s perfect day, as well as the reaction of your other friends (on Facebook).

Which animal would you like to be in another life?

The answer to this tag question does not only tell you what’s your best friend favorite animal of all, but it also gives you a great insight on their personality. Tigers, lions and panthers are three animals that most people admire, but your best friend might want to be a dog – loyal, affectionate, friendly, intelligent and sensitive.


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