Best Graduation Songs Of All Time! – Songs for Graduation

Graduation songs give meaning to the celebration. The choice of graduation music can make or brake the mood, read on to find out which tunes can set the mood!

Good graduation songs are a musical ticket that transforms the high schools walls into doors towards the future. They are a special attachment to the memories you’ve already made and those that are yet to unfold on the big night before you. Letting go and being able to leave the comfort zone is never easy, but it is certainly necessary – although for some, high school times were everything but comfortable (chuckles). While the unknown waits upon you to discover it, the events that have passed are waiting for a closure, the kind we call a party, but this party is nothing like any other you’ve been to before. This is a party that will feel like an emotional rollercoaster and the music will be your best ally that will help you appreciate every shade and color of every excitable hour.

Graduation Music

High School Graduation Songs To Say Goodbye

The reason behind the importance of saying goodbye through songs is the strong emotional power of graduation music. Similarly to the emotional nature of wedding songs, these songs will always be entangled in the memories of the generation and trigger a vivid and heart-rending emotional response. There’s no denying that the songs for graduation can make or break the spirit of the night, therefore, they need to be chosen right.

Below you can find our top ten graduation songs to go with the rights and wrongs of the authentic and forever important exchange of experiences and bits of life during those 4 years in high school.

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Good Graduation Songs

“Changes,” David Bowie

A deeply intellectual and inspiring song that speaks about how time can change everything, but we cannot trace time. It almost seems as if Bowie is singing about time travel. When you think about it, aren’t memories exactly that in a certain way – a secret code wired to our brains, capable to take us anywhere. This is the perfect graduation song that can open the night for all of the sweet-bitter delights that follow – happiness and sorrow.

“No Such Thing,” John Mayer

The perfect song for a slow dance and a preview of what words will everybody that is present on the celebration use in future as to refer to the times spent with dear high school friends. Mayers’ smooth vocal, powerful lyrics and tuneful guitar are the right formula to take the end of an era by the hand, start discussing future plans and say goodbye to the dearest high-school friends.

“We go together,” Grease

The unforgettable evergreen for the equally unforgettable movie! The story line itself is about graduation, therefore it will be a pity not to include this cute as a button song which depicts exactly the final days of the high school world for several boys and girls.

“You’re the one that I want,” Grease

Yet another great tune from the aforementioned movie that will get everybody on their feet and moving. Apart from that, this will be the perfect occasion for a love confession, or a secret glance in the direction of one’s crash, so maybe on the high school dance, someone will be able to find romance.