Eskimo Brothers Memes – Origin and Meaning

What does the term Eskimo brothers mean and where does it come from? We have all the answers you need regarding this popular term.

If you’re a social media junkie, just like me, you’ve probably encountered an Eskimo brothers meme and wondered what does it mean and why is everybody losing their mind in the comment section. Knowing a bit history about Eskimos could’ve helped you piece the meaning together, but it’s certainly not an easy one. I mean, who would’ve thought that people today say Eskimo brothers to describe two men who have had sex with the same woman and remained in good terms?

What Does “Eskimo Brothers” Mean?

If you look for historical usage of the term Eskimo brothers, there are two meanings you will find: Eskimo siblings (for real) and Eskimo brothers in a figurative way (like in religion). The meaning of today’s Eskimo brothers is completely different, although there is a link to an urban legend for the Eskimos. Supposedly, Eskimo men used to loan their wives to other men, usually strangers, mostly for religious purposes and a specific goal. For example, a men would loan his wife to another man in order to improve the hunting conditions or improve weather.

The popular conception is that it was an unwritten rule of hospitality to offer your wife to an Eskimo man who’s traveling alone. In order to avoid this sort of situation, Eskimo men used to take their wives with them while traveling. Occasionally, husbands volunteer to lend their wives to strangers who used to travel alone, but it was not well accepted. If the visitor, on the other hand, would asked to borrow the wife for the night, the unwritten rule of hospitality would’ve made it difficult-to-impossible to say no. It would be utterly rude to refuse the guest. However, if the host borrowed his wife to an Eskimo man, that automatically meant that he too would get to sleep with his guest’s wife should he visit him in future.

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Where did the term Eskimo brothers come from?

Besides all these links to the Eskimos’ traditions, behaviors and legends, it is believed that the term that’s widely used today does not originate from them. Disappointingly, this term is not as mysterious and meaningful as it first seemed and it originates from a FX show, “The League”, where one of the main characters, Taco, describes what does Eskimo brothers mean to his friends (here is a link where you can see how did it actually happen). According to Urban Dictionary, Eskimo brothers should not have any hostility towards each other, although they have shared “the same igloo” at different occasions.

From the first season on, Taco uses a network of Eskimo brothers to get things done. When the actor, LaJoie, first read the outline of the second episode of first season, he wasn’t familiar with the term but assumed it’s a thing around the world. He Googled it, but no results came up and as he was utterly embarrassed to ask right away, the producers described him what does it mean and what will it represent to his character and to the show. Needless to say for the show’s fans, the term has become an essential part of his character.

Eskimo Brothers Memes

eskimo brother meme

What made this term further popular are the millions of Eskimo brothers jokes and memes. If you look up for the term on the Internet, it’s more likely that you will find more memes than reliable sources of its origin and meaning. In the light of this fact, I am proud to say that this article you’re reading is the ONLY one that explains the meaning of the term, points out to possible origins and features a gallery of the best Eskimo brothers jokes and memes that can be found. Since we explained everything there was to explain, it’s time for some laughter on this list of jokes we’ve put up for you.

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