Family Feud & Friends Questions & Answers

Wanna show your uncle’s family which one is smarter? Challenge them to a game of family feud questions and answers and make a statement.

Funny Family Feud Questions and Answers With Points

Family Feud is one of the most popular American TV game shows where two families compete against each other in providing the most suitable and most popular answers to survey questions with the ultimate goal of winning money. Over the centuries, the show has seen a lot of host changes, cancellations and comebacks, but the competitive concept of family feud questions and answers was always present, which is exactly what we love most about Family Feud.

Richard Dawson was the first or the popular original host of Family Feud when it debuted in 1976. Since the program has proven itself to be incredibly successful by becoming the number one game show during daytime in the U. S. of America in its only first year, the Family Feud program quickly became adapted in over 50 other countries in the world. Needless to say, this show became more popular than many other internationally successful shows, such as “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”, “The Price is Right”, “Wheel of Fortune” and “Deal or No Deal”.

Family Feud Questions and Answers
Fun Family Feud Questions and Answers

Today it makes no difference if Family Feud is playing on TV or not, because we’d rather play it than watch it. Although it would be epic if Steve Harvey visited your homes and hosted a home-game-show of family feud questions and answers for you and your family, you can do it all by yourself. To host a great game of family feud that you will be talking about for weeks, you need to know the rules of the game and to prepare a list of family feud questions and answers.

How to Play Family Feud Questions and Answers

The game is played by two teams, consisted of family members only, whether related by blood, adoption or marriage. Each team can be consisted of as many family members as you like, but if you want to keep it as closest as possible to the original, each team should count 5 members and you should have your own host to read the questions. Having a host can also make you feel like you’re on a TV game show, especially if he\she gets really into the role.

Each question has multiple answers, but they aren’t as much answers as unique and hilarious responses. Each response earns the team a different number of points. Contestants are challenged to provide the most popular and the highest ranking response to the questions in order to win. While the highest ranking response provides most points to the team, the ultimate goal is to win 300 points.

The game starts with one member of each team trying to win the “face-off” question and earn their family the privilege of answering first. The faster contestant who answers this question basically wins their family the control of the game. If this player didn’t give the highest-ranking response to the initial question, the other members of his\her team also give it a try. If they too fail to deliver it, the opposing team gets to try and deliver the highest-ranking response. However, the family that wins the face-off have the right to either play the question or pass control to the opposing team.

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With each new question, the number of responses decreases. If you’re all hyped about this game, you can start the game with questions with 6 or more responses. Another fun-extending idea is to set a new rule of decreasing the number of responses on every 2 questions. The first family to win 300 points wins the game. If you think you can score 300 points too quickly, feel free to make it 500.

Fun Family Feud Questions and Answers

Now when you know the rules of Family Feud, it’s time to open Microsoft Word and copy-paste some awesome family feud questions and answers and print them off. The questions and answers we provide can either be used to inspire your inner author to write unique questions or to simply print them off and play. Either way, we’re glad to be of help. If you want to see this list of 30 family feud questions with answers extended, just hit the comment section below and share your ideas!

Name something you try to avoid when camping in the woods.

Bears – 38
Bugs – 33
Snakes – 16
Clowns – 5

Name something you get from a dentist visit that barely makes it worthwhile.

Toothbrush – 41
Clean teeth – 34
Candy – 14
Sticker – 2

Name an occupation that you think is more admired than it should be.

Athlete – 29
Politician – 21
Military – 13
Actor – 9

Name a childhood fear that is most likely to be carried into adulthood.

Heights – 27
Dark – 25
Clowns – 14
Needles – 3

Name a reason someone might make fun of your hair.

Greasy – 33
Dyed – 20
Getting gray – 11
Messed up – 6

Name an animal mentioned in the Bible.

Sheep – 41
Snake – 26
Donkey – 24
Dove – 2

Name something you only do when you’re sick.

Vomit – 39
Eat soup – 28
Nap – 24
Take medicine – 10

Name something parents usually say to their kids not to waste.

Life – 45
Food – 34
Money – 30
Time – 5

Name a question that you’re being asked when you meet an old high-school friend.

What’s going on in your life? – 42
What do you do for a living? – 37
You seeing anyone? – 19
How are you? – 4

Name a part of your body that looks different when you’re sick.

Eyes – 46
Nose – 26
Skin – 22
Hair – 2

Name a day of the year that all kids adore.

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Christmas – 44
End of school/Vacation – 41
Birthday – 15
Saturday – 8

Name something that a witch who’s not carefully operating her broomstick might hit.

Tree – 37
Plane – 22
Building – 19
Power line – 5

Name a reason why people wear black.

Funeral – 50
Style – 33
Slimming/It can cover a few pounds – 26
Matching their soul – 3

Name one thing you think you’ll be looking for like crazy on a deserted island.

Water – 44
Food – 21
Shelter – 13
Help – 7

Name a piece of clothing you buy without trying on.

Underwear – 38
Socks – 35
Undershirt – 21
Scarf – 9

Name something people do on a tree.

Kiss – 50
Collect fruits – 28
Save pets – 13
Collect leaves – 3

Name something you usually carry in your pocket.

Phone – 36
Wallet – 29
Keys – 22
Lipstick – 10

Name a weapon you think you’d use in a war.

Machine gun– 35
Sword – 28
Bow & arrow – 12
Axe – 9

Name a fruit that’s tasty, but difficult to break into.

Coconut – 32
Pineapple – 26
Watermelon – 19
Grapefruit – 2

Name something you don’t wash as often as you should.

Hands – 33
Hair – 26
Sheets – 12
Feet – 7

Name something you usually borrow from a coworker at work, but never tell them about.

Paper/Notes – 47
Pen/Pencil – 34
Stapler – 16
Food – 5

Name something people usually lose.

Keys – 47
Virginity – 20
Money – 17
Mind – 5

Name something you can do in a video game that you want to do in your real life.

Fly – 40
Play professional sports – 33
Non-punishable violence – 14
Money hack – 11

Name sport that is not played with a ball.

Hockey – 21
Swimming – 18
Wrestling – 11
Gymnastics – 2

Name something that people who drive do, but they should not.

Text – 41
Call – 24
Eat – 19
Establish eye contact – 9

Name something you like to save.

Money – 50
Pictures – 22
Coupons – 15
Cards – 4

Name a little creature that can even scare the biggest men.

Spider – 33
Mouse – 28
Cockroach – 21
Bee – 9

Name something people accidentally walk into.

Street signs – 36
Windows – 29
Doors – 21
Problems – 7

Name a musical instrument that is soothing to listen to.

Piano – 48
Violin – 35
Guitar – 20
Harp – 8

Name something in your home that you leave on all the time.

Fridge – 47
Telephone – 25
Clock – 14
Microwave – 3