Good Questions to Ask a Girl and Unlock the Whimsical Secrets of Her World

Adding a dash of red to the all too common black and white questions to ask a girl, get a woman’s perspective on how to rule her world.

We live in an age where in order to be original, you really have to go the extra mile. This is true for every aspect of our lives, including dating. The world has become a global village and verbal communication, both online and offline, has now become a mighty vessel that swings both ways – towards disaster or success. This puts pressure when it comes to being able to connect and truly know what to ask a girl you like all while maintaining a dynamic and fun exchange of information.

Be it as if may, I believe that every guy could use a keen detective eye that can spy on the whats and hows that open the door to his love interest’s wows. If you want to equip yourself with the right questions to ask a girl you like that can spark your dream-girl’s imagination, keep reading below.

Questions to ask a girl
Questions to ask a girl

However, let me just add a short disclaimer: I am no lamer, so I won’t be fueling futile and all too often discussed topics. My intentions are much more that this. The purpose of this article is to hand you a key that opens up the world of questions for girls, scratch that, that one girl that deserves your whole attention.

What to ask a girl?

If you were to be locked in a room for 24 hours and they would let you listen to only one song the whole time, what song would that be?

One’s music taste relates to more than meets the eye. The fun ingredient in this particular question is the fact that it eliminates the dull answer: Oh, any kind of music is fine by me. The 24 hours factor gives a whole new twist to the meaning of this choice. Not only will she be struggling to choose among her top bands/artists/genres, but she’ll also have to narrow it all down to that one song that won’t melt her brain and make her go insane. There may be many more crazy things to ask a girl, but this one is sure to tickle her brain and rock her world.

If someone were to write a book about your life, with all situations included so far, what genre would the book of your life belong to?

There is no girl out there that hasn’t fantasized about her life being some kind of a novel. With this question, you’ll actually be filling two needs with one deed. Firstly, you’ll put a priceless giggle on her face for knowing that her mind has already gone to this imaginary place. Secondly, you will get a short and sweet summary of her life so far and you’ll know where she stands in regard to self esteem and positivity. Will she mention romance, comedy, sci-fi or maybe even tragedy? Or she’ll laugh it off and never let you know… Whatever the case, one thing is for sure: she won’t forget a date with a guy that woke up the warrior, princess or clown – whatever she hides under her fleshnbones gown.

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Questions to ask a girl you like
Questions to ask a girl you like

How do you feel about family gatherings?

Family. Can’t live with them… and for some of us, that’s about it. The most unnatural thing in the world that puts pressure on a relationship is the assumption that we are all in perfect harmony with our relatives. By presenting this playful, yet meaningful question, you’ll be paving the way to honesty and you’ll let her know that you understand that some particles simply don’t belong to the same energetic cloud and cannot collide perfectly. In addition, this question will reveal with how much tradition (or lack thereof) you will have to put up with later on.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go?

As you know, the world is an incredibly big place and once in a while, we all dream about visiting another country. Tropical climates, beautiful beaches, natural wonders, world-famous buildings and various cultures, traditions and languages, we all have our reasons why we want to visit our favorite destinations, so does your girl. This question could not only open up a fun conversation, but it could also reveal a plenty of her personal preferences, likes and dislikes.

What is the job you’ve been dreaming about since young age?

This is one of those questions to ask your girlfriend that divide the line between the past and the future and nurture one’s driving force or the so called unique ambition. Little girls dream about being writers, veterinarians, teachers, singers and what not, but not all of them follow their early career aspirations and get their dream job. Regardless of how big or small the chances of getting up every morning and heading to a dream job are, you should definitely ask your girlfriend about her dream job if you truly want to get closer to her. This is not only a serious question, but also a clear sign that you’re interested in her life and you’re planning to stay with her.

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What was your favorite toy and do you still keep it?

This is another one of those questions to ask a girl that could give her a good laugh, but also make you feel closer to each other. Your girlfriend may respond to this question really quickly, if she’s not busy laughing. However, no girl would mind a time travel to her childhood and visiting her memories of her most adored toy of all. This question will get you closer to meeting her pure, gentle soul, appreciating every bit of your attention. Then, you could add “do you still keep your favorite toy”, so you

If you had the power to choose between changing one thing about you and changing one thing about the world in general, what would your choice be?

Things to ask a girl
Things to ask a girl

What a nice way to end a date… A question like this and then, your own little summary “Oh yes, I could agree more, there’s nothing I’d change about you, nothing at all.” Well, provided she chooses to change the world! This is quite a tricky question and by the end of its answer, you’ll know whether she cares more about her flaws or ridding the world of cancer. (chuckles)

Hopefully, these questions to ask a girlfriend will be your stepping stone to inventing even better ones on your own. The mind of an intriguing young woman cannot remain that big a mystery if you know how to urge her to lift her veil. These questions to ask your girlfriend, as you may have already concluded, are specifically designed to strengthen your bond in all the right places and set the base for your next, deeper phase. However, before you go on that one special date, do not forget the most important things you need to take: a careful ear, an open mind and your naked soul – because you’ll need to listen, accept and reveal too – your very own all.


As a winged guardian of simplicity with facts as my mightiest arrows, I draw inspiration from all that surrounds me: music, books, fashion and all my daily battles.