How to Fax a PDF file?

Faxes are no longer associated with fax machines because you can manage them without traditional equipment. Nowadays, businesses are encouraging environmentally friendly practices. For this reason, the paperless faxing system is becoming popular.

You can fax a PDF instead of sending a hard copy. These types of faxes arrive in your email inbox instead of a physical fax machine. For this reason, customers find it convenient to manage fax transmission. There is no need to purchase a fax machine.


Make sure to download and install an Adobe Reader and use online fax services. These services enable businesses to directly send and receive faxes to email or a fax program. Here are some options to fax a PDF file.

Send PDF with CocoFax

CocoFax will be great to send PDF to fax. Remember, a fax number is necessary even for online faxing. With CocoFax, you can get a free fax number and start online faxing. Share your email address with the brand to get your free fax number.


Millions of people claim that they have ditched their fax machines after getting this full-featured fax service. You can enjoy a 30-day free trial, choose your favorite number and upgrade your plan to use your number permanently.

CocoFax makes it easy for you to turn your tablet, computer or smartphone into a virtual fax machine. You will get an email notification after sending and receiving each fax. Recommendations from Mac World, The Verge, Tech Radar, Tech Advisor, CNET, Forbes and numerous other platforms are enough to understand the importance of CocoFax.

With this online fax service, you can fax PDF documents within a few seconds. Moreover, you can store and view your faxes online. It is a great method to decrease the expense of toner, paper or fax machines.

Use Emails to Fax Services

Feel free to send PDF documents through fax by composing an email and attach your PDF file to it. Send this email and wait for a confirmation message. Numerous online fax services, including CocoFax, work with different file formats.


To use this facility, you will need an email address and a fax service. Online fax services allow you to convert an attachment to address compatibility issues. If you are using web-based technology, feel free to attach a PDF from your PC or Mac.


You have to create a free account with CocoFax and send a fax through email. See these simple steps to send a fax through email:

  •   Compose your email
  •   The field will contain the number and actual domain name (
  •   Enter a message on the body or message field.
  •   Attach one pdf file from your PC and hit on send.

Use Smartphones to Send Faxes

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Fortunately, you can send faxes through your smartphone with the help of online fax apps and services. CocoFax offers a free app for Windows, android and Mac devices. After downloading an app, it will be flexible for you to manage fax transmission through your mobile.

fax-from-cell-phoneRemember, you will need a monthly subscription to send and receive faxes. If you want to send lots of faxes, a monthly plan can be an affordable choice. You can scan the PDF documents that you want to fax.

In the absence of a scanner, you can use your smartphone or scan. You will need a soft copy of a document on your computer. Scanning makes it easy to secure soft copies of essential documents.

If you already have your document on your smartphone or computer, there is no need to scan anything. Fortunately, free online services allow you to manage fax transmission immediately. For maximum security, different fax lines are available.

fax-from-outlookYou can use integration features to integrate Google Drive, Dropbox, Outlook, etc. Online fax services are equally suitable for frequent and occasional users. Feel free to start with a basic plan or upgrade to a premium plan to send and receive over 400 pages.

In numerous cases, you will need paid services. Establish a dedicated fax line or phone number to manage this transmission. Make sure to start with a 30 days free trial and a free fax number to evaluate an online service.