How to Fax from Google Drive?

Learn how you can fax your documents with Google Drive.

Every small and large business uses a cloud-based storage “Google Drive” service. It allows you to share and store files; therefore, companies find it a convenient option. Remember, it doesn’t decrease the importance of hard copies of documents to send and receive a fax.

To send and receive faxes, you will need a fax machine and a telephone line. This traditional method can be expensive for a small business organization. For this reason, online fax services are available. With these services, you can avoid unnecessary expenses.

Fortunately, it is possible to align your business operations with the use of the latest technology. You can easily manage your fax communications with the help of Google and third-party online fax services. These things decrease the need for a dedicated phone line and an expensive fax machine.

CocoFax: An Easy Method to Send Google Drive Documents

If you want to use the best Google fax services, you can depend on CocoFax. It will help you to send documents of Google Drive from a dashboard. This reliable and trustworthy fax service provider is serving over 190 countries in the world.

cocofax-adCocoFax was featured on New York Times, Life Wire, Forbes, PCMag, and several other platforms. They are successfully serving millions of satisfied customers. You can sign up for this secured and encrypted fax service today to manage your fax communications.

With your sign up, you will get a free trial for 30 days, a free fax number and a free fax app for Android or iPhone. CocoFax allows you to choose your fax number for free. After a free trial of 30 days, you are free to cancel this subscription.

free-trial-account-infoIf you want to use your fax number permanently, you have to purchase a plan as per your convenience. CocoFax can successfully transmit your documents to the right destination. A turned off fax machine at the end of the recipient, or a busy signal can be the reason for failure. In short, CocoFax will not disappoint you in managing your fax communications.

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Send Faxes from Google Drive

If you want to send Google Drive documents with CocoFax, here are some easy steps to follow:

Step 01: Get a 30-day trial from CocoFax and select your fax number. Enter essential details to choose a suitable plan and make payment.

Step 02: Once your email address is verified, check the CocoFax Dashboard. Tap on “Send Fax” to open a pop-up window. Enter the fax number of the recipient in the “To” field and type in a suitable message in the body or cover letter field.

send-fax-with-cocofaxStep 03: It is the right time to attach your document. See options in the browse file and tap on “Google Drive”. Choose your documents to attach and hit “Send”.

Step 04: Check your inbox to see a confirmation email. It will inform you that your fax is transmitted successfully.

Use an Email Address to Send Documents of Google Drive

You can use your email client to send Google Drive documents. This procedure can be longer as compared to the CocoFax Dashboard. For this reason, you will need a CocoFax account.

Step 01: Open your Gmail or any other email account. Make sure to use a similar Gmail address that you are using for the CocoFax account. Tap on “Compose email” and enter a fax number of the recipient along with For example, Enter the appropriate text in the cover letter and the subject field.

Step 02: Tap on the “+” sign to upload attachments. You will see numerous options in the “browse file”, so tap on “Google Drive”. Choose relevant documents to attach and click “Send”.

Use Add-on of CocoFax

To fax documents of Google Drive, CocoFax offers an add-on. For this purpose, you will need a CocoFax account and get your CocoFax add-on. Log in your Gmail account (associated with CocoFax) and open “Google Drive”.

Now you can open a document that you are interested in fax. Check the menu to search for CocoFax add-on and select it. Tap on install and grant necessary permissions to complete the installation.

After installing CocoFax add-on, you can send fax with this add on. Tap on “open with CocoFax – CocoFax menu” and enter details of the recipient. Fill all critical fields to send Google Drive documents via Fax.