How To Get Rid of a Hickey Really Fast – Hickey Remedies

Did you get too much into the heat of the moment and end up with a hickey? Worry no more, you are about to learn how to get rid of a hickey quickly, safely and naturally.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a well-known plant because of its numerous benefits for people’s health and it can even help you get rid of a hickey. This plant has calming and soothing properties that can help in reducing the redness of your skin and inflammation. You can seize the magnificent properties of aloe vera in several ways. One popular hickeys treatment is massaging hickeys with an aloe vera moisturizer. But the more efficient way is to use a fresh leaf of the aloe vera plant. Cut the leaf open and take out the aloe vera gel, which is also available in stores if you cannot find a fresh one. Then, apply the gel over the love bite and leave it as long as you can (as aloe vera can do no harm to your skin). For best results, repeat this process multiple times a day.

Use a Toothbrush

This is the most popular treatment for hickeys and there’s an army of lovers that can confirm the claim. Using a toothbrush over the affected area can help to break up the blood clods and improve the blood flow. To get rid of your hickey, you will only need a new toothbrush and great mental power. Take your toothbrush and start brushing away your hickey. You need to apply a medium pressure, not too light nor too heavy, because it will be either inefficient or you’ll worsen the damage. After brushing for 5-10 minutes, hold a cold compress for a few minutes. You will notice that the redness and swelling will spread, but within half an hour, your hickey will be almost gone.

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Unlike most home remedies for hickies, scraping is really painful. However, it does provide great results in getting rid of hickeys if properly done. To scrape your hickey away, you will need a coin. The first step is stretching the skin around the hickey by pulling the skin away from the affected area on both sides. Then, start scraping moving the coin just like you use to spread butter to bread, spreading outwards. You need to press as hard as you can take, in order to push the clotted blood away from the surface skin. Once you’re done, your skin will hurt a bit, but it will fade a lot faster than the hickey would have.


Parsley is rich in Vitamin C, which is an agent of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, parsley is a great natural remedy for hickey. To get rid of your hickey in a day using parsley, get fresh parsley leaves and chop them into small pieces. Then, apply the chopped parsley leaves over the hickey and leave them for about half an hour. Rinse it with cold water and repeat the process as many times a day as you want.

You just learned how to get rid of a hickey in minutes! If getting rid of hickeys on painful, unreliable or weird, yet simple, quick and effective ways is not on your agenda, you can just cover it with a fashionable accessory. For girls, this is very easy; they even have choices. For boys, it is a bit more difficult, but not impossible. Boys can either wear a turtle neck or a stylish scarf.