POS Paper Rolls: Types, Benefits and Importance

When you wait in a queue to pay for the chosen items in the supermarket or in any other shop you expect instant, fast and quality service. This means that you want to be informed in a written form about your purchase and keep it as a proof in case you want to return the goods. You can’t have that if there are no POS rolls.

It is a revolutionary technological change in receipting since the emergence of the computerised age. POS (Point of Sale) Paper Rolls are part of a computerised system that produces a receipt for every purchase made by a customer in an instantaneous way. All it takes is a computer and a thermal printer. Here is everything you need to know about the POS paper rolls.


Types of POS Rolls

There are two types of POS Rolls – thermal and bond. The Thermal POS rolls have a sensitive thermal coating and are very smooth to touch. The printed back image is created when heat from the printer activates the coating and makes the text to start showing. The quality thermal POS paper rolls usually keep the black image legibility for at least two years. However, if it is subjected to heat and outdoor use then the lifespan of the legibility will certainly shorten.

The second type, Bond POS rolls don’t have a chemical coating and they are much more similar to the regular bond copy paper. In addition, you can find the bond POS paper rolls in 1, 2, and 3 plies and choose the appropriate type based on your needs of duplicate or triplicate copies.

Benefits of POS Paper Rolls

First of all, POS Paper rolls are very easy to use. After a short training period, the administrator or cashier will be able to replace the POS paper rolls in the computer or terminal very fast and without wasting the time of the customers who are waiting in a queue.  The computer or terminal need to be programmed with an operating system that is exclusive to your business and connected to the printer. Next step is correctly placing the paper roll and you are good to go and make the transaction.

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Secondly, POS paper rolls offer transparency of the details of your purchase. With this kind of a system, the chances for embezzlement are eliminated. In the past, frauds happened on a daily basis and rogue sales representatives got the extra money thus created a real possibility to bring damage to the business. Today, the ability to track and verify all sales gives you back the control of the money and the finance sector of your company. Investing in this system is not only a personal preference but a lawful obligation as well.

Thirdly, POS paper rolls have a variety of specifications. You can find them in different sizes and in different colours. You can even have them custom made to fit the needs of your businesses. When it comes to the size, you can use from the smallest – 32mm to the largest – 80mm. Sizes vary depending n the purpose of use. For instance, those of 80mm are suitable for a supermarket where lots of information needs to be put onto it. Regarding the colour choices, all colours are a possibility. Of course, most commonly used are white, pink and yellow coloured POS paper rolls.

Branding as an Advertising Opportunity

The POS paper rolls offer an opportunity to put your brand logo and/or slogan on so that it can stand out in the market. It is important for the recognition of your business to make sure your brand is visible on the receipt so that you can get to the phase where you will establish the connection with your customer. If this sounds interesting, you should ask from your supplier to customize your order of POS paper rolls by printing it according to your preferences.

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Low Maintenance Costs

Setting up the system and investing in it is the part where you have to spend some more money, but this is just the beginning and it surely pays off in the long run. POS paper rolls are relatively cheap and the whole process doesn’t involve a lot of maintenance. The ink cartridges needn’t be replaced and the most important part is to keep the printer head clear and clean.

Fast, Secure and Instant Printing Results

The process of printing is very fast, it takes only milliseconds for the printing head to produce images. And not only the images are printed fast, but they also dry incredibly quickly. This increased speed adds to the success of the business and satisfaction of the customers, because who doesn’t want to spend as little time as possible at the cash point and get a transparent receipt of their purchase?