Best Prank Calls Ever

Looking for some clever prank call ideas? Check out our list of pranks that are the most fun to play on your friends!

Prank phone calls exist since the invention of telephones. The earliest and most famous prank calls are the Tube Bar prank calls tapes from the 1970s, in which John Elmo and Jim Davidson would ask “Red”, the owner of the bar if they could speak to various fictitious customers. However, we’ve come a long way since then, and now we have the Internet to assist us with the pranking. If you’re in need of some new ideas, we’ve compiled a list of some funny pranks call ideas for teenagers and adults.

Important Notice: Even though pranks are made to elicit laughter and fun, you should only perform prank calls on good friends who know you well and will appreciate your sense of humor. Make sure to choose the right person as your victim – do not play pranks on anyone with heart problems or any other health issues, older, or short-tempered people. Another thing you need to keep in mind is to choose the appropriate time to prank your friends. If they’re sad or stressed out, they may not receive your prank well.

Prank Call Ideas

Here are 10 fun prank call ideas that will drive your friends crazy!

Wrong Number

This is probably the most popular prank call script of all times! This is one of the best prank call ideas to do when you’re in a company of friends and you just want to mess with someone. Call up your victim and ask for, let’s say Adam for example. Then another friend from the group should also call the victim and ask for Adam. The person on the other side of the line will surely get angry and frustrated. For more laughs, call up the victim again, introduce yourself as Adam and ask if someone has been calling for you.

Telemarketing Prank Call

This prank call idea is a classic! Telemarketers always harass people with calls for services or products that no one needs, so why don’t you use the telemarketing idea to prank your friends. Call your victim and introduce the product that you are selling. Think of something weird, completely stupid, or worthless and try to sell them that product. For example, you can say: “Will you be interested in buying air conditioned shoes?”

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Stop Calling Me

This is another good prank idea that works every time. Call your victim and accuse them that they are actually calling you. Keep arguing with them that you’re not the one who called first and then keep calling. Make a threat that if they don’t stop calling, you’ll call the police or report their number. This prank call idea will either make someone laugh out loud or piss them off.

Stolen Identity

Call your victim and let them know that you’re calling from the police station. Tell your victim that you’re investigating an identity theft case and that they’re involved because it was their identity that the theft is using. Ask the person some simple questions such as their full name and address, in order to verify their identity. Then say that it corresponds to the information being used by the thief and proceed with asking some weird questions like “What’s the color of your toothbrush?” or “Why do your feet smell and your nose runs?”

The Pizza Hut Misunderstanding

The Pizza Hut prank call idea is one of the tried and tested prank calls that really work. Call up your local Pizza Hut and then start describing your favorite pizza on the Domino’s menu. Then when the employee eventually points out that they don’t have this particular pizza on their menu, just ask for the contact details of a nearby Domino’s outlet. For extra fun, repeat the process – call Domino’s and ask for Pizza Hut’s number.

Fake Survey

This prank is hilarious and lets your imagination run wild. Think of some really weird or stupid questions and conduct a survey. However, most people are generally reluctant to answer surveys, so you might have a little trouble finding someone willing to listen to you. But, when you find your victim, ask them a weird question.

Here are some really fun examples you can use:

What’s your favorite talking animal?
Which shoe do you put on first?
Can you daydream at night?
Are eyebrows considered facial hair?

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Bring Me Some Toilet Paper!

This is definitely one of the best prank call ideas out there. Call a random restaurant with poor customer service, tell them that you’re trapped in their bathroom and then hang up. If you want to spice up the prank call a little, you can call them and tell them that you’re stuck in their bathroom and there’s no toilet paper. Ask them to bring you a few toilet paper rolls just in case and then hang up.

Your Order Is Ready

Call up your victim and ask them to confirm your booking for something. When the person on the other side of the line object to any such order, you can start arguing with the person and remind them of the payment for the goods. Insist that they need to deliver the ordered goods immediately and have fun “arguing” with your victim.

Pregnancy Call

This prank is a great way to scare off your male friends. You can call a friend or pick a random number and pretend that you’re the girl that he had a one-night stand with without any protection. Tell him that you’re pregnant and that he’s the father. This shocking news will freak your victim out. If you want to see his hilarious reaction, pick an accomplice to be with him as you make the phone call to record his reaction in a video.

A Call From The Idol

If you know the biggest idol of your friend, you can surprise him with a call from his “Idol”. Call your friend and say that you’re from a certain TV or radio station and that you found out that he is the greatest fan of that particular celebrity (be it a sportsman, singer, or actor). Tell them that they were chosen to speak with this celebrity for a few minutes. Try to imitate the celebrity’s voice and ask some questions or secrets you want to know about your friend.


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