10 Prank Calling Apps: Prankdial App, Voice Changer For Android

Looking for a good prank calling app to have fun with your friends? Check out our list of the best prank call apps similar to the PrankDial app.

Prank Calling Apps For Android

Pranking or playing practical jokes on friends, relatives, or co-workers is a timeless tradition. Pranks have been around forever and thanks to the advancement in mobile technology, the art of prank calls has changed significantly over the years. Pranking become much more fun and easier and today there are so many prank calling apps for Android that can help you fool anyone you want without too much effort. We’ve compiled a list of various amazing applications that have the ability to change your voice or let you call your “victims” from a different number, so you’re sure to find a prank call app that works for your occasion. Choose the application you consider to be the most hilarious and use it to prank your friends or family members. Keep in mind that some people hate pranks, so have fun but be careful not to get in trouble. Without further ado, here are the best prank call apps for all Android users!

Best Prank Call Apps For Android

Prank Calling Apps

Prank Dial

Prank Dial is definitely one of the best and most popular prank calling apps available for Android. The PrankDial app comes with hundreds of different pranks you can choose from and the best thing about this app is that new pranks are added almost every day. Prank Dial allows you to make three free calls a day, save your calls to your own prank call history, comment on your favorite pranks and listen to your friends’ hilarious reactions. If you want to prank your friends, Prank Dial is one of the best applications that sounds like a real person and will do exactly what you want.

Fake-A-Call Free

This is another cool free app for Android which you can use it to fake an incoming call and easily fool your friends or relatives. Fake-A-Call is an entertaining app that allows you to make fake calls that will look real to your friends. However, you can also fake an incoming call from your wife/husband, boss, or a particular celebrity and impress your friends. The calls look real because the app has a fully functional keypad, speaker, and contact buttons. You can choose your own ringtone and schedule fake calls. This fun and completely free app comes with 9 different voices you can choose from in order to avoid recognition. There’s also another paid version of the app that includes some extra scripts and voices.

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Call Voice Changer

Call Voice Changer is a hilarious app that will make anyone crack a smile. This app lets you change your voice in real time and allows you to add some funny sound effects while you’re on the phone. You can easily change the pitch of your voice and spice up your calls with crazy sound effects like a siren or dog bark. If you want to prank someone for fun, Call Voice Changer is one of the best apps out there.

Fake Call Prank

Fake Call Prank is among the best and most convincing prank call apps you can use to fool your friends or anyone you want. This app is completely free, easy to use and does not require an Internet connection. You can choose a name from your contacts, choose your calling time and select your favorite ringtone. You can select a particular time for calling and you can even set up numerous fake calls for different timings so that you can annoy your friends and family members all the time. Fake Call Prank also has a custom recording option that allows you to record a message which will play automatically when you or the other person receive the prank call.

Celebrity Prank Call

Celebrity Prank Call is a fun and completely free prank call app for Android users. This application allows you to choose a number from your phone’s contacts, change the pitch of your voice, and you can even add a picture of your favorite celebrity that will appear as your fake caller image when you receive the call. You can schedule a call from your favorite celebrity at any time you want and trick your friends into thinking that this particular star is really calling you.

Fake Me A Call

Fake Me A Call is a great app if you want to fake a call with your mobile phone without being called in reality. With this app, you can easily specify fake caller and fake number and schedule a prank call on your phone. You can choose a ringtone from your phone and pick a fake call screen from 4 different calling screens, pick a custom fake call voice and a picture for the fake caller. The fake call will be automatically missed if you don’t pick up the call after 25 seconds and will be stored into your phone’s call log.

Bluff My Call

Bluff My Call is a free calling application for Android users. With the help of this app, you can create a fake caller ID, select a fake male or female voice and make funny and anonymous prank calls to your friends, family members or co-workers. Just select a person you want to call, enter a fake number and your victim will never know you’re the one calling. You can also record your conversation and their hilarious reaction on your phone.

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Fake Call Girlfriend Prank HD

With this hilarious app, you can trick your friends into thinking that a beautiful girl or a gorgeous celebrity is calling you. You can schedule a fake call from random girls and all you need to do is to choose someone from your phone’s contacts or specify a name and number you like. Add a picture of a cute girl and this picture will appear as your fake caller image whenever you receive the fake call. This is the ideal prank to play on your friends and family, and you can even use this app to make your real girlfriend jealous!


Prankster is another great prank call app you can use to prank your friends or literally anyone you want. The app is very simple and easy to use: just pick one of the many prank call scenarios, use the dial pad to enter a phone number (or choose a number from your contacts), send your call, wait for the call to be recorded and then listen to your victim’s reaction. Prankster comes with more than 200 pranks to choose from and new prank call scenarios are added regularly. The prank calls are recorded and saved to your phone so you can easily find them and share them whenever you want.

Smart Fake Call

Smart Fake Call allows you to schedule fake calls that will save you from a boring dinner or an awful meeting. If you’re not very good at making “fake” excuses, then this app is the perfect quick solution that will help you escape from unwanted situations. This free application allows you to create a fake call instantly with one click and you can also schedule multiple fake calls. You get to choose your preferred recording for the fake calls, set contact of your choice and upload a picture from your mobile device along with the fake caller name. Smart Fake Call supports 15 languages.


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