Random Acts of Kindness Ideas That Will Restore Your Faith

Can you imagine a world in which all people show they care for each other via random acts of kindness? With the following ideas to inspire kindness, you can greatly contribute in making the world better, brighter and kinder place to live.

A kind act a day keeps the wrath away. A simple, thoughtful and random act of kindness is a surprise gesture you do to someone who may use a little happiness in their life. Did you know that you can inspire and make people happy by simply doing random acts of kindness? Kind acts don’t have to be done in a dramatic way, because even the simplest ones can brighten someone’s day.

Tell a hilarious joke. Give a candy. Hold the door open. Compliment your friends. Wish a great day. Help someone in need. Respect elderly. Tell a funny joke. Say thank you. Or simply give a smile. The world today is in desperate need of random acts of kindness and it needs you to be one of its super heroes who spread kindness and love.

Random Acts of Kindness
Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

Kindness can be contagious. Once you start creating random acts of kindness stories, you can never quit. And there is nothing wrong with it. It is a benefit for all. You feel good, the person you’ve been kind to feels good and the world is immediately a better place because of your kindness. Yet people underestimate the impact of the small and simple acts of kindness.

If everyone on this planet was patient, compassionate, kind and loving, we would have lived in a perfect world with no hunger, no violence and no crime. Unfortunately, we live in a world where violence and cruelty are a big part, while kindness is not that common. But if you and all around you use their manners, give compliments, volunteer, forgive, respect, be kind and come up with inspiring random acts of kindness quotes, everything can change.

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In an effort to make the world a better place, we provide you with a list of random acts of kindness ideas for family, friends, partners and random people. Please play your part and try to do as much random acts of kindness a day as you can.

Examples of Random Acts of Kindness

Help an Elderly or Handicapped Person

If you ever see an elderly or handicapped person struggling with something at a grocery store or on the street, don’t think twice to offer your help. Don’t be one of those who treat them as if they are invisible, but acknowledge them, give them a smile and offer your help.

Pay For The Person Behind You At a Coffee Shop

Surprise the person behind you at a coffee shop by paying his drink without them knowing. Not only does it make the person receiving the free coffee feel happy, but it also makes the cashier feel good because of his/her involvement in the kind act.

Help a Friend in Need

If your friend is going through a really tough time in life, you should immediately find a way to provide them with the help they need. For example, if your friend is having financial issues, buy some groceries for them. Friends usually do not accept money, but they won’t reject the time and effort you’ve put for them.

Praise Someone at Work

“Great job! Your presentation the other day was really amazing!” Praising other people is encouraging and meaningful. To make your praising more meaningful, do it in front of other co-workers and preferably their boss. This could easily turn just-another-day-in-the-office into an excellent day!

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Give Compliments

There is always an opportunity to give a compliment to someone. It takes no time, it’s free and you could make someone’s day. Without much thinking, just say it. Whether it’s someone you know or a stranger, just give compliments every day and never ask for a name or number (because that’s not the philosophy of kind acts).


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