Random Acts of Kindness Ideas That Will Restore Your Faith

Can you imagine a world in which all people show they care for each other via random acts of kindness? With the following ideas to inspire kindness, you can greatly contribute in making the world better, brighter and kinder place to live.

Leave Some Treats For Your Garbage Collectors

If someone deserves a random act of kindness to make it through the day, it’s the garbage collectors. Their job is exhausting, especially during hot days, and we take them for granted. The next time they come to collect your garbage, leave a basket full of treats and a bottle of ice-cold water near your garbage can. Make sure to leave a note, so they would know it’s for them.

Tip Street Musicians

There are musicians who perform on the streets for money, but they rarely get back home with full jars of dollars. What they do is art and what they need to keep going is money. If you believe that music truly harmonizes our world, tip the street musicians you see on your way to work.

Give Higher Tips

If your waitress provided you with a good service or the pizza-delivery was extremely fast, give a higher tip and say how satisfied you are with their service. It is not the bigger amount of money that will make the waiter or pizza-delivery guy\girl happy, but the kind and thoughtful gesture of you.

Play Cupid

Don’t you sometimes get an idea of two people who would make a perfect couple, but they haven’t met each other yet? The next time you get such an idea, introduce them to each other and get them in the same room together. Then, let the things get going naturally.

Volunteer Your Time

The best gift you can give to anyone is your time. Local soup kitchens, shelter groups and charity organization are always in need of volunteers. Taking some of your personal time off to help them is a meaningful act of kindness.

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Leave a Dollar, Two or Ten in Public For Someone to Find

It happens to all of us. Losing a dollar, a ten dollar bill or maybe more. Multiple times. And you feel sad about it. But what if instead of losing, you leave those dollars on purpose in public, so someone else can find them? Will you feel better? Give it a try.

Donate Books to a Library

Instead of keeping your old books in boxes, donate them in a library for children who don’t have them because of lack of financial resources. That’s the main purpose of libraries: free books for all. Any kid can sign up for a library card and get an access to hundreds of books for free.

Leave a Note in Your Favorite Book at the Library

When you are in the library, find your favorite book at the library and leave a note. It can be a motivational quote, an encouraging note or just a “have a nice day” message. You will definitely be responsible for the big smile on the face of the next reader when they see the note.

Mow the Lawn of Your Neighbor

Wouldn’t you like to have a neighbor that helps you anytime you’re completing an outdoor improvement project? If you do, you better mow your neighbor’s lawn too the next time you’ll be mowing yours. Be the neighbor who you’d like to have.

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