Really Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

Before you wake up your girl for a breakfast in bed, read these cute things to say to your girlfriend. You’ll be surprised of the difference a word can make!

A long-lasting and strong relationship depends on a daily exchange of love, care and attention. It’s not that we, the guys, don’t like compliments and sweet words, but girls just like being complimented and told sweet and nice words more often. For some guys, choosing romantic things to say for their girls doesn’t come as easy as to some other guys, to whom they are a second nature. Regardless of the group of guys you belong in, you should never lack a selection of cute things to say to your girlfriend.

By saying the right words at the right time, you can immediately make your girlfriend blush. The love and care through simple and random actions on a daily basis is what makes a relationship everlasting. But sometimes the actions are not louder than the words. Only a few nice questions to ask your girl and a couple of sweet words you tell your girl can keep her smile on her face all day long. It doesn’t matter if you’re living far apart or together, you must know some nice things to say to your girlfriend in order to make your relationship more special and more satisfying for both of you.

Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend
Really Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

And, is it really hard for you to say what you already feel for her? Don’t act as a lame cool guy who doesn’t express his feelings, but be a gentleman instead and please your girl anyhow you can. Keeping your girlfriend happy and satisfied is far more important than winning her heart. The key to keeping a girl is simple: always come up with new ways to tell her how you feel about her. Read these nice things to say to a girl and use them if you want to keep her in your life, but ONLY if you really, truly mean them.

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Romantic Things To Say

  • I wish I was a plant, so I can live only on the CO2 you exhale.
  • In your smile, I see something more beautiful than the stars.
  • When I’m not with you, I miss you. And when I miss you, I think about you, that’s all I do. When I think about you, I want to be with you. And when I’m with you, it’s like the sky is new and all the stars shine for us.
  • I thought soul mates is just a poet’s expression, but you made me believe in soul mates. You are my soul mate who always brings the best out of me.
  • When you’re here, it’s crystal clear – I’m exactly where I’m meant to be.
  • Like an old vinyl record, I’d like to get stuck on saying I love you all day.
  • Every time I look deep into your eyes, the world disappears and it’s just me and you.
  • Your laughter is my favorite sound and your hug is my favorite place to go.
  • I never loved you any more than I do right know and I’ll never love you any less than I do right this second.
  • You are not the One Ring, but I’d definitely go through the mountains for you and still call you “myyyy preciousssssss”.

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