How Success Can Change Relationships With Your Jealous Friends

I Think My Friends Jealous of My Success?

A question that we are more than happy to answer. Firstly, let us congratulate you on being successful. It is not easy being successful, and you’ve really done a great job. You’ve entered the hall of fame for entrepreneurs. Now, let us get back on the subject.

Why Do Friends Change?

You will notice how your jealous friends will stop calling you. You will see a picture from them on Instagram or Facebook, sitting around in a restaurant laughing. But, you called them last night, and nobody picked up? Well, it is natural; they are changing their attitude towards you because of your success. Sadly, this is part of human behaviour that we dislike the most, but it will happen to any successful entrepreneur eventually.

Jealous Friends

As you’ve reached your goals, you as well have become a different person. The whole world will be changed, and new opportunities will arise. You might not have enough time to spend with your friends. To avoid hurting their feelings and offending them, explain to them that you will have to do stuff that you’ve never dreamt of doing. Their support will mean a lot.

Those who refuse will show that they are not your real friends. Along the way, deep inside you’ve known which friends tried to sabotage your success. They are the people who personally questioned every decision you ever made. Even laughed on the small victories you achieved, deeming them unimportant. But you showed them right!

Also, they always looked down upon you around other people and didn’t offer any support in hard times. However, when you reach your success, they will be either be superficial and congratulate you with a fake smile, or they will show signs of jealousy and finding a way to hurt your feelings.

How to Deal with Jealous Friends?

Well, we are only human after all. Jealously is an emotion that can come from any individual. It shows the personal disappointment from reaching one’s personal goals. Nobody is perfect, and nobody is the same. Some people didn’t have the idea you had a couple of years ago. Today, you’ve succeeded, and they are still at point zero. However, you can move past that.

The best way to deal with your jealous friends is by understanding them. When you know their feelings and background, you can find the language that will prevent jealousy in friendship ever happening. Be careful when speaking with them, because they are in a very delicate situation. Remember, this has nothing to do with you; it is all about their ego. Talk with them that your success means nothing if you don’t have their friendship. Also, that your success came from their support (even if there wasn’t one still it helps) to easily combat every challenge you’ve ever faced. Your friends will feel appreciated, and respect you more.

On the other hand, some people will only show jealousy, when they are disappointed with you. The jealous comments they made, it might have a double meaning. Usually, it will manifest as a comment of jealousy while making some soft and silly remark. Maybe it is time to sit down and sort things out.

In the end, with some of your friends, you won’t find a way to make things right. It will be the ending of your friendship. Yeah, you’ve tried everything with them – being helpful, calling them several times, thanking them for their support, offering a job – everything in your power. They will still find ways to offend you in front of others. Time to pull the friendship plug and say goodbye. You don’t need fake friends like that.


Sometimes you cannot have on one side jealousy and friendship on the other. Like we mentioned many times through this article, we are only human, and we are controlled by our feelings. Some of us cannot control them, while others do that perfectly. If you know your friends are good people, and jealousy represents a potential barrier that can hurt your friendship in the future, just talk with them and make things right. Moreover, if they don’t offer any feedback, just let them go, and maybe someday they will call you and tell you that they are sorry.

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