16 Thank You For Your Business Card Messages: Examples and Advice

Wondering what’s the best way to say thank you for your business? Here are some thank-you notes you can use to show your clients that you care.

Best Business Thank You Card Notes

People and companies often undervalue the power of a simple thank you for your business note. Nowadays, it just seems so much easier to send a quick thank you for your business email, text message, tweet, or make a phone call, even though a handwritten note is much more effective because it says more about you and your personality. Sending handwritten business thank you messages to customers says that you really went out of your way to write a special message that shows your care, gratitude, and appreciation for your customers. There’s no doubt that sending business thank you letter or a note to your valued clients and customers is the perfect and most powerful way to express your good wishes and show your gratitude on a deeper level.

Thank You For Your Business Card Messages
Thank You For Your Business Card Messages

However, sometimes we find if difficult to find the right words or put our thoughts on paper. The good news is that you don’t have to be a talented writer to write a simple thank you note that will leave a lasting impression on people and cultivate positive work relationships. Below, you will find some helpful tips for writing your own thank you note, as well as some good thank you for your business sample letters, messages, and thank you for your business quotes. These can be used to send your gratitude to your business partners, existing or potential customers, or employees.


If you’re struggling with writing thank you cards, then we hope our tips and wording ideas for any occasion will help you write the perfect thank you letter. Just remember that when you’re writing these types of notes or letters, you must stick to a few essential rules and tips that will improve the clarity of your message.

  • Address your customers or business partners by their name, unless you’re worried about appearing too informal. The formality of your tone usually depends on your level of familiarity and your relationship with the recipient.
  • Keep your message short and genuinely express your gratitude and appreciation. Clearly identify what you are thanking the recipient for and compliment them, but without flattery.
  • Add specific details to your note or letter in order to make it unique. For example, cite a specific interaction you had or talk about the service performed, just to give your “we appreciate your business letter” a personal touch.
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Make sure to include a forward-looking statement. Mention the next time you may see them or tell them that you’re really looking forward to your future collaborations.

Now that you’ve got your message figured out, wrap up your thank you letter and sign your full name. Your letter closing should include any of the following greetings: Best Regards, Sincerely, All The Best, Kindly, Warmly, Many Thanks, Cheers, Best Wishes, With Gratitude etc.

Business Thank You Letter Examples

  • It is always a pleasure doing business with you!
  • We truly appreciate your business and we’re grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us.
  • We greatly appreciate your business and look forward to working with you for many more years to come.
  • Just wanted to take this moment to say that we’re glad you’re with us. We look forward to serving you for many years to come.
  • A thank you note to let you know that your business association is much appreciated.
  • Please accept this thank you card as a symbol of our sincere gratitude for everything you’ve done.
  • It was my privilege doing business with you and it would be my pleasure to continue serving you.
  • As we strive to excel in our industry, we are honored to have customers like you. Thank you for your trust and confidence.
  • We sincerely appreciate your business and we look forward to working with you again soon!
  • In a world filled with so many choices, we just want to say Thank You for choosing us.
  • Thank you for being an amazing customer and having fantastic taste!
  • Thank you for your order. We appreciate your business.
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More Thank You For Your Business Card Messages

It was such a pleasure to serve you, and thank you so much for your trust and confidence. Great clients like you are the reason our company is thriving.


(your name here)

A thank you note to let you know how much I appreciate your business. Our team always strives to provide excellent service and high quality products to our valued customers. I look forward to our continued friendship.


(your name here)

Thank you for visiting us and making your very first purchase! We’re glad that you found what you were looking for and we look forward to seeing you again. Have a great day!

Best Regards

(your name here)

I want you to know how much I appreciate your business. Please accept this letter as a small token of my thanks and gratitude. I value our business relationship and I look forward to another great year of business success for us both.

Warm regards,

(your name here)

Thank you for your business notes and letters are thoughtful, personal, and they show that you truly care about your clients doing business with you. Even though we live in a digital age, a handwritten thank you note can make a positive impression that will last much longer than an email or a text message.Thanks notes can be quick to write and they will surely help you stand out from the crowd, create loyal and happy customers, increase referrals, and help in building great relationships with your clients.


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