The Basics of Understanding Love Horoscopes

Love is without a doubt one of the most dominant human emotions in existence. Few things can make people go as crazy as love can. Wars have been fought over it, oceans have been crossed because of it, shall we continue?

So, it should really come as no surprise that love horoscopes have become so popular (especially over the past few decades). While astrology used to be something that remained in society’s shadows, it’s since moved front and center.

Nearly everyone knows what astrological sign they are, which should say enough about how popular astrology (and love horoscopes) have become. For example, if you asked someone 50 years ago what their star sign is, or if they know what a love horoscope is, they would look at you like you’re insane.

Nowadays, astrology is super common (across all demographics, and really across the entire world), and serves as a way for both women and men to gain insight into their lives (which they might not be able to get from other sources).

If you’re looking to have a better understanding of astrology, and specifically want to learn about love horoscopes, you’re in the right place. Below we get into everything about love horoscopes and examples of some of the more common astrological/horoscope systems currently being used.

Examples of Common Horoscope Systems

Astrology is popular throughout the world, across nearly all cultures. Most people in the US don’t even realize that there are other systems out there, but there are, and all of them are incredibly interesting (from an astrological perspective). Below we cover some of the more well-known ones (as well as some of the more misunderstood systems).

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Most people know that the Aztecs were heavily into astrology, but aren’t aware that they also had their own astrological/horoscope system. The Aztec and Mayan astrological systems are closely related, with the Aztec system consisting of 12 signs based on animals and plants.

One of the more fascinating aspects of this system is that signs aren’t given according to your birth month, but rather for the specific date of your birth. For example, while people born during a specific period in June are assigned as a Gemini (in Western astrology), the month doesn’t have any effect on what sign you are (in Aztec astrology) – only the specific number of the day you were born on (as well as the month).


The Chinese horoscope system is one of the most popular ones around the world, but particularly in China (obviously) and the US (as well as Canada and some parts of Europe).

The Chinese horoscope system differs from others in that signs represent certain years (of a cycle). So people who are the same birth year (but different months) might have the same sign. There are 12 signs to the Chinese system, and each of them is represented by an animal symbol (e.g. horse, snake, monkey, etc.).


Indian culture is one of the most vibrant ones in the world. Numerous celebrations, gods, goddesses, etc. all come together to create what’s known as Hindu/Indian culture. They have their own astrological system, too, which is known in most astrology circles simply as “Hindu horoscopes.”

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There are 12 signs in the Hindu system, and the system itself got its start over 1,000 years ago (making it one of the oldest in the world). Hindu horoscopes derive their symbolism from over 20 constellations.

Arabic Astrology

The Arab horoscope system is very unique, mainly because its symbols are all different forms of weaponry (which no other astrological system has). Just like many other horoscope systems, this one also is represented through 12 symbols (they just happen to weapons and not animals).

Egyptian Astrology

The Egyptians are regularly credited with being some of the very first astrologers in the world. Most people don’t know that they have their own horoscope system as well. The system is built around specific interpretations of moon cycles. These interpretations are then combined with specific gods/goddesses (all of which have different sets of meanings).

Astrology Around the World: Differences and Similarities

There are numerous different astrological systems, most of which you probably haven’t heard of. The ones we listed above are some of the more common (and uncommon) ones, found throughout the entire world.

While they all have their differences and unique set of characteristics, they all serve to provide us with a deeper level of understanding about the universe, life, and ultimately – ourselves.