10 Fun Things to Do with Your Kids during a Rainy Day

Fun Rainy Day Activities For Kids 

Rainy days are most often welcome, especially when there have been successive days of oppressive heat. But sometimes, there are days when downpours can just be a tad depressing. Whichever the case, the arrival of some showers can send a shiver down your spine when thinking about keeping a young one entertained. Whether you’re considering a fun indoor activity or a trip outside of the home, here are some ideas for fun things you can do with your kids on a rainy day:

1. Encourage creativity

Drawing, painting, coming up with stories, and trying out different crafts are just a few of the many art-related activities to keep your children busy for the entire day. Just make sure that you’re always stocked up on the needed art supplies. Even better, keep all of them in a box which you can then break out when it starts raining.

2. Stage a film or TV series marathon

Set a number of films to watch and ask your young ones to rummage through the kids’ section of your DVD collection for the actual choices. You may not enjoy hearing “Let It Go” for the umpteenth time but at least, it was your kid’s decision, and they are happy with it.

Streaming services like Netflix also offer a range of titles, both film, and series, aimed at young children. So you can use that as well for your watching marathon. Make the occasion just like being at the cinema as well with some popcorn and drinks.

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3. Read a book together

Reading to your kids not only builds a bond but also helps improve their vocabulary. Plus, it helps to have an adult there to answer any question they might have about the story being read.

reading book with your kid

4. Listen to podcasts

Children love listening to stories and it’s a good thing that there are many podcast providers who offer just that. And it’s not all about fun when it comes to podcasts these days; some even tackle issues such as bullying and depression.

5. Whip up something in the kitchen

Be it baking or cooking, these kitchen activities are another way of bonding with your young ones. Chocolate chip cookies are nice treats to have, especially when the weather is being a downer.

6. Set up camp indoors

You don’t need to set up actual tents indoors; the good old blanket will do the trick. Plus, it helps to have some “camp food” served as well – think marshmallows, hotdogs on a stick, and maybe a nice hot cup of chocolate. Storytelling can also be encouraged here.

7. Head to the nearest museum or gallery

Rainy days don’t always have to be spent indoors. Take your kids to a museum or a gallery for a little appreciation of culture and history. Some museums even provide “treasure hunts” that not only educate your child about the museum collection but also lets out their inner detective.

8. Discover the rainy world outside

discover the rain
Fun Rainy Day Activities For Kids

A little play in the rain doesn’t hurt once in a while. Just make sure your young ones are dressed appropriately: boots, hats, raincoats, and umbrellas. There are lots of places to explore as well: your local park, your neighborhood, or even your backyard!

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9. Visit the library

If you had something else planned when it suddenly started pouring, why not head to the nearest library? Libraries often schedule activities for kids and the entire family like reading sessions. Or, you can simply browse through the many books the library has to offer.

10. Keep active while indoors

Break out the game consoles for something more energetic such as Dance Central, Take Shape, and Mind ‘n Motion. Or, you can have them exercise their mind by learning new things using educational apps such as Elmo Loves 123s, Cookie Monster’s Challenge, and Fish School.

Finally, tables games such as Foosball or Air Hockey can also serve as a bonding moment between the family. You can play in teams and keep track of scores. What better way to spend a rainy day than a little friendly competition?

These are just some of the many fun things you can do with your children on a rainy day. There may be a bit of a shower outside, but that shouldn’t dampen the mood.


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