Top Trends for Choosing the Right Jacket This Fall

The warm days of summer are almost over and that means the time for extra layers of clothing is just around the corner. Very soon, indeed, we will be wearing thick socks, boots, scarves and, of course, trendy jackets. But what does your jacket need in order to be trendy this fall? From retro leather models to faux fur items, the following are the top trends that you need to keep in mind when shopping for your next jacket.


Get Retro with Leather

When it comes to jackets, leather reigns supreme above anything else and this year is not an exception to that rule. However, if you really want to rock this year with leather, you need to know the style that will grab the attention of everyone during the upcoming season. That being said, we highly recommend you to get your hands on an oversized, vintage model because that’s going to be the coolest trend as far as leather jackets for women go. A very important piece of advice here: make sure you jacket has strong shoulders because that’s going to be the sexiest element of your jacket.

Belts Are Back

This trend is going to be huge this year! If you are not shopping for leather jackets, then you should get anything else with a belt on it. The idea with this accessory is to emphasise your waist so if you are looking for something truly feminine this has to be your choice. Jackets with belts are elegant, fashionable and irresistible and you can wear them almost anywhere you go. Remember these three words: belts, belts, belts!

Faux Fur and Exotic Prints

While nobody likes to wear real fur anymore, some of the most fashionable jackets this year are going to evoke the skin and fur of various animals. As far as faux fur goes, shearling jackets in pastel tones are going to be very popular among girls who favor a more casual style. Likewise, animal prints (e.g. snakeskin, leopard motifs) in jackets that are either very long or very short are going to be quiet trendy for those who prefer a more elegant look.

Considering all of the above, this fall we will have a nice variety of jackets out there. If you really want to look great, make sure your wardrobe has a jacket that fits any of the above trends we just mentioned. You will rock!