5 Ways to Reset Your Mindset and Pass the Exams

Hey, student. Having troubles focusing on the upcoming exam? We got you.

“Exams are the worst. They can put you under an immense amount of stress and bring a lot of negative energy that will find the path to influence every area of your life. No matter how hard you try to resist it, you will fail – you cannot help it. It doesn’t even matter how prepared you are to take the exam.”

Well, this is a classic example of a person with a bad mindset and poisonous thoughts. A mindset that is not prepared to succeed. A mindset that will fail to the smallest challenges. A mindset of a student that won’t pass the exam.

How Can We Define a Mindset?

As a person, you have a unique set of experiences, skills, knowledge, beliefs, thoughts, etc. You perceive the world differently than 99% of the world (yes, there is 1% that is very likely to be compatible with you). Mindset is practically a filter through which you process information, in and out. Consequently, it is your way of perceiving and reacting to information. It is often regarded as the most important trait of a successful entrepreneur or CEO.

Getting things done

Now, you may think “How is this related to me not being able to focus and prepare for my exam?”. It goes deeper than the surface hints. But let’s not get overly psychological and keep things simple. Your mindset plays the crucial role in your studying sessions. You won’t be able to focus or remember anything important for your upcoming exam if you’re feeling under pressure, stress and anxiety. With our following 5 tips, you will be able to reset your mindset and put yourself in a great position to pass the exam.

1) Visualize Your Success

As you close your eyes and focus on your imagination, you will get a feeling of purposefulness. Visualize yourself studying at home in your most comfortable chair. Then, visualize yourself entering the classroom, taking the pen and answering everything that’s asked. This will boost your confidence and help you keep your cool, exactly as you are supposed to be. Imagine the feeling after passing the exam, and the relief and satisfaction that come with. The better your imagination, the better your mindset.

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2) Remember Your Best Studying Sessions

Think of a time when you were reading and remembering every single word. Think of a time when you were able to focus on what you were reading. Maybe there was something that helped you focus better. Every memory of you preparing for a task or accomplishing one will significantly boost your confidence and keep stress at bay.

3) Keep Your Energy High

You cannot focus on anything if you’re feeling weak physically. Your focus and mental alertness require a lot more energy that you might think and is often overlooked. Watch your diet, eat your fruits and your veggies, take a good night sleep, get your body moving and don’t forget to drink water. Be consistent in taking care of your health, your wellness and your energy. This way, your brain will be more prepare to consume all those information you are trying to remember.

4) Reward Yourself

Of course you know this one. It is among the oldest tricks in the bag among students. The point of this trick is to make your rewards really good and as distant from the exam as possible. Don’t watch a documentary related to your course. Instead, reward yourself with something you wouldn’t normally do. Take a long, relaxing bath. Listen to Swedish death metal. Order a big pizza and eat it yourself. Or whatever your preferred activity is. However, it is important to not feel guilty about your reward afterwards and end up stressing out even more. If that happens, do something that relaxes you until the feeling of guilt is gone.

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5) Shape Your Mindset with Vision and Goals

The final step is to shape your mindset with a clear vision and goals. Before you sit down to study, see a vision for yourself that describe an end result of your studying efforts. Then break up your vision into goals that will lead you right to the wanted destination. Having clear goals will lift you up and enable you to start achieving each and every one of them. First, of course, is passing the upcoming exam. Where does a potential passing of this exam lead you? Closer to graduation and getting the degree you’re after. A degree that will later secure you the job of your dreams. Sounds okay, doesn’t it?

Bottom Line

If you have been keeping up with everything going on in the classes, you’re in a perfect position to pass the exam. Your mindset, however, should be there too. These five tips do not guarantee success in your exam, but rather a great mental preparation for doing so.

Now when you have the right mindset to pass the exam, proceed with your studying session. Good luck in your future endeavors!