What Does SMH Mean? ‘SMH’ Meaning and Definition

Wondering what does SMH mean? Let us help you learn the SMH meaning and allow you to add this acronym to your daily vocabulary and use it like a boss.

As a writer, I’d use long yet concise words and sentences rather than acronyms at any day of the week. These Internet slangs and acronyms could not be any further from my day-to-day vocabulary, both verbal and in writing. When someone talks in slangs to me, I usually Google the acronym (if I want to look like a Mr-Know-It-All) or in some cases, I simply ask them to explain what does it mean. Recently I’ve come to a slang which is seemingly widely used on the Internet and decided to look for its meaning on Google. When I Googled “what does SMH mean”, here are some of the results that appeared along with the original meaning:

  • So Much Hate
  • Sup My Homie
  • Smooch Me Honey
  • Smell My Hair
  • Some Men Howl
  • Simple Harmonic Motion

But I get it. The Internet is a big and confusing place, even for those who use it on a daily basis. Thanks to the ever-increasing number of acronyms, the social media addicts find it easier to communicate with friends. For instance, this is HIFW I learned that acronyms are actually popular as the language of the Internet. Instead of typing How I Felt When, I simply used an acronym. The more time you spend on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, the more various acronyms you will learn. In this article, we will explain what does SMH stand for and list a few examples of how to use it in texting and in verbal communication.

What Does ‘SMH’ Mean in Texting?

SMH is a slang abbreviation that stands for “shaking my head” and is used for express disappointment at someone when saying or doing something you find stupid. It is much like headdesk and facepalm, but, well, it’s shorter and easier to type. Of course, when someone tells or does something stupid, there are no words to let them know what they just did. However, a shake of your head as if they disappointed you greatly will do the trick.

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“What took these writers at Blog Happens so long to finally explain the meaning of this acronym? SMH at them”. This is an example of how teens and young adults use the SHM slang on the social media these days to express their annoyance, disappointment or disbelief. In other words, SMH means “your idiocy has me speechless“ or “no words can express how I feel about this”. Now that you know the SMH meaning, it’s only fair if we’ve given you some examples to help you learn how to properly use this famous SMH acronym.

How to Use SMH in Texting and in Person Communication


Although saying an acronym in a verbal communication would sound weird, it’s not a total no-no; you will only appear as a weirdo to those who are unfamiliar with the acronym. In this sort of scenario, those who were unfamiliar with your acronym will most certainly shake their heads at your. Ironic, isn’t it? Here are the examples as I hinted.

1. “Cleveland Cavaliers should’ve definitely been a rougher obstacle to the Golden State Warriors’ path to the NBA trophy. I cannot believe they only won 1 game. SMH.”

2. “I needed the family car this weekend so I can go on a road trip with my friends to Geneva, Illinois, but my father took it this morning to go fishing at Douglas Park Lagoon, without asking me or whatsoever. SMH.”

3. “This guy I know (not a friend of mine, because my friends are awesome AF). This guy had the girl he liked for a long time at his place for a cup-of-coffee-or-better-yet-a-cup-of-wine on her very initiative some time after midnight. And what did they do when she came? They’ve been playing all kinds of PlayStation games for hours. #SMH.”

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4. “This guy I know (yes, the same one) has injured his leg, so he went to see a chiropractor. As the chiropractor asked him where did he injure his leg, my friend answered by saying: ‘I was at an Aqua Park with my friends, trying all the slides’, to which the chiropractor replied: ‘I was asking where do you exactly feel pain on your leg. #SMH”

5. “This guy I know, (of course it’s the same one) ordered a pizza to his home address. But since the escalator was not in function, he needed to get downstairs and pick up his pizza himself. As soon as he got downstairs, he approached the first vehicle he saw and said: ‘Hello. Can I have my pizza, please?’. The girl in the car, confused, smiled at him and told him: ‘I’m sorry. I don’t have your pizza’. Meanwhile, the pizza service car approached and “my friend” immediately realized what a foolish thing he’s done. SMH.”


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