5 Surprising Uses of Aloe Vera Gel

Amazing Things You Can Do With Aloe Vera Gel

When people think of aloe vera gel, they usually think of the sticky, slimy stuff that their moms used when they got sunburn as children. While it’s true that this gel does help speed up the healing process for sunburn, it’s not the only thing it can do! We’ve listed some surprising things that you can do with aloe vera:

1. Heal minor wounds

Aloe vera gel won’t do anything for you if you accidentally stab your hand with a knife, but it’s great for the minor cuts and scratches you get from cleaning the kitchen, fixing the car, and doing other household chores. Aloe vera has natural antibacterial properties, which is why it’s great for sunburn and minor wounds.

2. Shave your legs

Still using store-bought shaving cream? Why not substitute it with aloe vera gel? With its slippery texture, you’ll find it easier to glide the razor on your legs and get the closest possible shave.

Aloe Vera Gel

As mentioned above, aloe vera has antibacterial effects, which means that it can take care of any nicks that you’ll get from the shaving process. An added bonus: aloe vera is highly moisturizing, unlike some shaving products that dry out your skin. So, you’ll end up with soft, silky-smooth legs that will make you the envy of your friends.

3. Nourish your hair

Aloe vera’s natural antimicrobial and antifungal properties make it a great solution for dandruff. Its moisturizing effects also help heal both dry skin and oily skin, which can cause dandruff as well. Use the gel if you have this scalp condition and see how it helps your hair and scalp become healthier.

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Don’t have problems with your hair but want to make it longer? Aloe vera gel can help you. It provides the scalp with essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes which, in turn, can promote hair growth. It also makes your hair stronger and helps the strands grow without breaking off.

4. Wash and exfoliate your face

The antibacterial properties of aloe vera makes it gel an excellent facial wash option, especially if you have acne. Even if you don’t, you’ll still want to use it since it can help moisturize your skin.

When mixed with the right amount of sugar or baking soda, aloe vera gel can be a great exfoliator. The sugar or baking soda creates a gritty texture that removes dead skin cells, while the aloe vera gel moisturizes your skin. It’s a great way to have clear, smooth, and bright skin without irritating your face.

5. Have some sexy time

Aloe vera gel can be used as a personal lubricant in a pinch when you run out of lube in the middle of a hot and heavy session. Its smooth, silky texture will allow you and your partner to easily glide on each other and will definitely make sex more fun and exciting. The best part: aloe vera gel is compatible with latex condoms, so you won’t have to worry about your condom breaking apart and getting exposed to STIs and unwanted pregnancy.

But, before you reach for the bottle, make sure that it contains 100 percent aloe vera gel. Even if it says “pure” or “100 percent” on the label, read the ingredients list to know exactly what’s inside the bottle. Some aloe vera gel brands contain chemicals that help stabilize the gel but can be harmful when used internally.

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To stay on the safe side, it’s advisable to stick to personal lubricants that are designed to be used for sexual activities. This way, you can have fun with your partner knowing that you’re not harming your health.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to see that aloe vera gel is more than just about healing sunburns. Add it to your grocery list now and enjoy the benefits mentioned above!


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