5 ways that teenagers are just like toddlers

In my last blog you should have found out that I am the mother of young adults, 15 and 14, and a toddler, 16 months. Yesterday, Mariah, my oldest, climbed into Ava’s crib and laid down. This was much to Ava’s satisfaction who babbled excitedly about it and clearly said the word baby. This complete state of affairs gave me the idea for this blog post! I had the revelation that young adults have a lot in commonplace with toddlers. Here are five ways they’re alike:

1. You worry, continuously, about each! As a little one I am continuously involved approximately Ava choking on some thing or bumping her head. I concentrate to the sounds she makes and as soon as she makes a sound that doesn’t sound proper I am throughout her to see what is wrong. Even when she is making a valid I am investigating to peer why she is so quiet, because that is typically not a terrific sign both. Toddlers are so inclined and largely helpless at this point, so my worry-o-meter is continually on high alert. Teenagers, although I don’t worry so much approximately the equal things, still cause me good sized anxiety. I worry about their behavior while they may be at college or the mall. I worry approximately peer strain and their capacity to mention no to things. I analyze their behaviors for signs of things that is probably going on. Why are they in their rooms a lot?; why all of sudden do that no longer like egg rolls and is going to pass dinner tonight?;  and why are they no longer as involved as I am approximately it. I intended you in no way prevent annoying about your children, irrespective of their ages. My mom nonetheless issues approximately me and I am in my thirties.

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2. They each throw tantrums. Now, granted, my teens don’t fall out on the floor screaming and crying and arching their backs, however they can nonetheless pout and throw a tantrum about now not getting their way. Their tantrum typically involves rolling their eyes and stomping off. The good issue approximately young adults though, is that I can ground them for their tantrums.

3. You can’t apprehend what both of them are saying. Ava is right on the precipice of being able to talk. I can simply experience  it. Any day now and she or he is going to spit out a whole sentence! For now, though, she simply babbles incoherently, with some recognizable phrases intermingled here and there. Mariah and Brittany can communicate and know lots of phrases. I can’t sincerely say they have mastered the artwork of language yet, but they can talk. However, no matter the potential to articulate their phrases, most of the time they mumble and don’t make any sense. Sometimes I feel like I am going deaf as frequently as I say “what?”, “what did you say?”

4. They each require a lot of attention. Just because teens are at an age where they’re quite independent (they can feed themselves and go to the rest room on their own) does not suggest they don’t still require interest. In my ultimate weblog I talked about how plenty interest Ava requires. Even more so than Mariah and Brittany did at her age. It is a different form of attention, however the older women still call for it. “Listen to me play the flute.” “Look at this art work I did.” “I have to tell you approximately this or that…” The truth is that it does not virtually get easier…or quieter as your kids develop up.

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5. They are each messy! Holy cow is my house constantly in disarray. I simply give up maximum of the time because it’s far so tough to keep up with two young adults, a little one, dogs, and my husband! I am no longer entirely certain who makes the most mess within the house, but they all take their turns. Ava has not quite found out that toys have to go again in to the box when done or that folded laundry is folded so don’t mess with it. Mariah and Brittany, on the opposite hand, are fully aware of what folded laundry seems like but they just can’t appear to preserve theirs that way. I am quite certain that Mariah tries on several outfits before settling and the rejects don’t get put returned away nicely, if at all. I will say that most of Mariah and Brittany’s mess is hidden in the back of their bedroom doors, while Ava’s is spread at some stage in the relaxation of the house!
Can anybody think of greater ways they’re alike? I would really like to pay attention your ideas so please comment.

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