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Blog Happens is an area for all the cool peeps within the global who want to read amusing but informational articles on a each day basis. We cowl subjects of biggest interest to young adults and young adults, in effort to surely make their young lives easier, crazier and more fun. From social gathering games and ideas to recommendations on residing existence to the fullest, our content is a dinner party for hungry minds, list enthusiasts and precise topic fans. We at Blog Happens trust that the best manner you may see beforehand of time is thru studying and that’s why we try to make every article count.

If you feel like it’s time for a refreshing factor of view and a breeze of authenticity, permit our blog appear to you. We make a promise to you to regularly feed your thoughts with unique, original, refreshing, informational and amusing blog posts and maintain your phrases-arsenal prepared for all the confrontations you could run up to. Being a younger character on this world is a big challenge, so having humans in your life you may count on in time of need is notably rewarding. We will let you by means of teaching you what’s cool and what’s not, what to do and what now not to do, the way to do things and how no longer to. But who are “we” actually? Let’s meet.

Meet Our Team

Petar Bekarovski


Petar Bekarovski is an internet enthusiast and innovative blogger residing in a global of search engine optimization for extra than eight years. He loves all things having to do with search engine marketing which includes ON web page & OFF web page optimization believing that someday might be more than professional on this field. He is the leader of Blog Happens, as he does not handiest take care of all of the SEO on the web, however he is also chargeable for retaining it as a web developer. In his loose time, Petar is most likely to visit relaxation land via looking a movie or gambling Dota. If you need to attain out for Petar and discuss any matter associated with his either expert or non-public life, right here is where you may locate him:

facebook.Com, linkedin.Com

Slobodanka Bekarovska


As a winged mum or dad of simplicity with information as my mightiest arrows, I draw thought from all that surrounds me: music, books, fashion and all my each day battles. In my content writing career of over 6 years, I have protected articles on diverse topics and came to a conclusion that, one does write high-quality while one writes about stuff that really tickles with their adrenaline bar. Fashion traits and existence suggestions are among my favorite topics to write approximately. When I’m not capturing arrows into the world wide web, I am searching out a good film to watch or a new recipe to get a delicious meal at the table. I am additionally a passionate lover of animals of all styles and sizes and I revel in spending time with them. You can discover me

here: facebook.Com, instagram.Com

Goran Nikolov


All words have exceptional powers, but the way you mix them defines your innovative hour. I am fueled by way of huge-eyed interest in any topic, laser beam terms and fashion most simple, yet enigmatic. With a unique approach, dedication and versatility, I had been both a merc-for-rent of many successful testimonies and a hero whose capabilities helped to turn some doomed-for-catastrophe tasks around. Not best have I mastered the artwork of search engine optimization, I am additionally ready with a cyber eye that enables me higher explore the innovative global of photograph design. Social media handling is likewise a huge passion of mine which I nurture on a day by day basis. During my off-writing time, I want to open Adobe Illustrator and play with it. I am also playing guitar and making a song in an acoustic rock band. Here is where you may find out extra about me: facebook.Com, instagram.Com, pinterest.Com, plus.Google.Com, youtube.Com