ACES ETM – Guide on Setting up Direct Deposit and Payroll Card

Limited Brands, or better known as L Brands (Inc.), is an American style store with a headquarter in Columbus, Ohio. Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret are the company’s flagship manufacturers, but it operates a few other (less-known) retail manufacturers, consisting of Pink, La Senza and Henri Bendel. Since L Brands Inc. Is a large fashion retail company and is nearly not possible to answer to each of their employees inquiries, it is centered on making it smooth for their team of workers to get right of entry to crucial information regarding their pay, taxes, advantages, paintings schedule, etc. To do so, L Brands Inc. Has created an employee portal known as ACES ETM.

The L Brands’ Employee Portal, or shortly called Aces ETM, is a excellent online area for the personnel where they can control and preview absolutely the whole thing about their work courting with the organization. Once you input the Aces ETM employee portal, you will want to have a login (username ID) on the way to proceed. Since you probably have your login statistics supplied through the agency, the drill: fill the special fields along with your person ID and password and the primary worker page will come up. When your contract with L Brands expires, your access to the portal can be taken within 30 days.
This self-offerings portal is available for all L Brands employees – without any exceptions. They can check and join their blessings, as nicely as maintain music of the employer’s updates for their private accounts. The portal is in which the business enterprise updates their paintings schedule, that is why it’s essential for personnel to regularly log in to Aces ETM. One of the finest reasons for them to go to this site is to discover their revenue or fee info.

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For quality comfort for all, L Brands gives its personnel two distinct sorts of payments: direct deposit and payroll card. While both techniques can ensure you’ll have your payments proper on time, it’s far still a personal choice you have to make. As the identify initiated, this article have to serve you as your manual on setting up direct deposit. Should you need your primary fee choice to be payroll card, scroll down beneath and you’ll find out more information. But first, let’s explain a way to installation direct deposit at ACES ETM.

How to Set up Direct Deposit at ACES ETM


Setting up direct deposit at Aces ETM offers a plenty of advantages over payroll card payments. To get started, first you need to have an existing financial institution account on which L Brands could be sending your income. If you already have a bank account, the system might be quick, simple and smooth. If you don’t, you can’t continue any further, as direct deposits can best be made on bank accounts. Once you installation direct deposit, L brands will automatically switch your revenue into your financial institution account at the pay day. Here’s how to set it up in four simple steps:

1. Make certain your Aces ETM login ID is working correctly.

The first step is to make certain that your personal account at the L Brands’ portal is functioning properly and you’ve got the entire access. Then, test if all your non-public data are appropriately entered and if they’re up do date. Your current address, smartphone quantity and social safety variety are of highest importance.

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2. Login to L Brands’ Aces ETM Portal.

Once you’ve ensured that every one your personal statistics are correct and you’ve got the entire get right of entry to to the web page, go beforehand and login to the L Brands’ worker portal. If you’re experiencing any kind of troubles even as logging in, you may must contact L Brands and anticipate them to resolve the issue at hand.

3. Click on My Payroll and Compensation.

Once you effectively log in to Aces ETM, you will observe a list with several exceptional classes at the left aspect of your screen. Look for My payroll and compensation menu. When you click on on it, two alternatives will appear: direct deposit and payroll card.
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4. Finally, select direct deposit.

When you pick direct deposit, the Aces ETM employee portal will ask you for some personal details, together with your financial institution account to which the organisation may be sending your salary. Keep in thoughts that the financial institution account ought to belong to your name and your name best. If you register a person else’s bank account, the enterprise will now not undergo together with your direct deposit set up.

How to Use Payroll Card as Your Primary Payment Method

The second option is payroll card. If you don’t installation direct deposit, L Brands will robotically send you a payroll card to your own home address. Usually, the new employees receive a payroll card, as they’re not acquainted with the direct deposit option. However, you could switch between alternatives at any time, so your preference is by no means ultimate. As with direct deposit, you will need to have an present financial institution account in your payroll card. In maximum cases, L Brands opens a bank account for the new personnel.

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To installation and use payroll card as your payment method, you need to comply with the same steps as with direct deposit, except for the remaining one. Instead of direct deposit, select the payroll card menu and enter the required records. When receiving payments, you could either get hold of your pay stub on paper or view it online; it’s your desire. The blessings of the usage of an L Brands Payroll card are the following: you could use it as a Visa DEBIT card (in stores wherein Visa playing cards are accepted), withdraw coins at the ATM and write pre-checks.