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Find the meaning of TBH on Facebook, Instagram, and other forms of social media and check out our collection of the coolest TBH pics and TBH posts.

You have probably heard the word or come across the hashtag TBH that’s commonly used on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, and other forms of social media. TBH is a slang word that is used often these days, both on social media and in real life. If you’re looking to find what TBH really means, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about the meaning of TBH and check out some cool TBH examples and posts.

What Does TBH Mean on Social Media Sites?

TBH is an acronym or slang word which stands for “To be honest”, but sometimes it can also mean “to be heard”. This acronym is especially popular on Instagram and Facebook, but it’s also used when texting or chatting online. Teenagers love to use slang words like TBH – it is a way of communicating with their friends without using words and also it saves them a lot of time and energy. TBH was first used on Facebook in 2011 and mostly by teenagers who wanted to share what they thought was the truth. This slang became so popular, that millions of young people were posting the Facebook status “Like for a TBH”, “Comment for a TBH” or “TBH and rate”. This means that anyone who liked or commented on their Facebook status, would get a post in their inbox or on their wall with the sincere opinion of the person who posted the status. Today, TBH is still one of the most commonly used slang words on social media and there are many new variations of this word, such as TBH rate date or Like for a TBH in dm.

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TBH rate date

What Does TBH Mean on Facebook?

On Facebook, the word TBH has a double meaning. It means “to be honest”, but sometimes it is used as a game. The goal of the game is to get an honest opinion or comment from the person who posts TBH as their status update. In order to play this word game, people will like your post and once you receive a like, you will have to post your honest opinion (either on the wall or in a comment) about the person who gave you a like.

What Does TBH means on Instagram?

Instagram is a social media site that was made for sharing photos and videos from a smartphone. TBH on Instagram conveys the same meaning – to be honest. By adding a hashtag to the acronym TBH, your picture will attract a lot of attention and you can get more followers. Hashtagging TBH on Instagram can be used in any kind of context and since it is a hashtag, many people from all around the world will be able to see the picture you’re sharing.

What Does TBH Mean on Twitter?

Twitter is another popular social media site that allows users to acquire followers based on common interests and values. Twitter uses hashtags more than other social sites, so if you add a hashtag to the word TBH, everyone can click on the hashtag and find out what you’re talking about when you refer to TBH. People use #TBH as a game or a way to tell their truthful opinion about something that is currently trending in the world or simply to share a picture they have posted on Facebook or Instagram.

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What Does TBH Mean in Text Language?

In a text message, TBH is only the short version of the word “to be honest”. Many people like to use this acronym because it saves time and allows them to send text messages quickly. However, if the person receiving the text does not know what TBH really means, they will not understand the message.

Cool TBH Posts & Pictures

If you’re looking for some interesting TBH images, you can check out our collection of the best TBH pics you can use to gain attention and tons of likes and followers on social networking sites!


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