Is Black Seed Oil Applicable to Allergic Patients? Clinical Study

Learn if black seed oil is safe to use by allergic patients in our thorough clinical study.

Black seed oil is a hygienic panacea to help young generation maintain smooth wellness and healthcare. It is a medicated component which is processed with other herbal ingredients to formulate the awesome healthcare supplements for people. However, is black seed oil appropriate for allergic patients for healing purpose? Experts have completed lab tests to evaluate the application of the black seeds oil to treat patients with chronic allergies. Results are significantly interesting to motivate New Millennial to have nutritional black cumin seeds extract for removing allergic symptoms without inviting imminent side effects.

Black Seed Oil

Black Cumin Seeds Oil – Inhibitor to Resist Allergies

Black cumin seeds oil is a powerful nutrient to reconstruct and reshape the body of a young boy. It removes pain, builds up self-nuke system, reduces physical discomfiture and controls skin inflammation. At the same time, the antihistamine substance in nigella seeds must be an awe-inspiring booster to prevent various sorts of allergies. Researchers are sanguine that comparing to placebo, the impact of black cumin seeds oil is long lasting to improve the medical condition of the allergic patients. Compact 30 days long trial on a group of 50 youngsters in New York has had given productive outcome regarding the effectiveness of Nigella Sativa extract to eliminate common symptoms of sneezing, nasal itchiness and congestion.

Use Black Seed Oil for Tackling Allergies

  • Taking 1 tablespoon pure black cumin seeds oil regularly is one of the best methods to manage allergies easily. Patients need to restrict the dose of consuming black cumin seeds oil for reducing allergies.

Black Cumin Seeds Oil and Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic Rhinitis is a typical disease which causes recurrent nasal inflammation and itchiness with post nasal drip. There is no particular curative treatment or any medication for AR. Local drugs give temporary relief from this disease. However, the onset of withdrawal disorder can’t be avoided after intake of prescribed medications. Instead, black cumin seeds oil is the home remedy for you to control AR/Allergic Rhinitis.

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  • 1 teaspoonful of black cumin seeds oil with 1 tablespoon of honey before breakfast

Black Seeds with Anti-histamine Property to Reduce Allergies

Immune system of a patient must cope with the outsiders or external materials like molds, pollen, dander, germs, insects, bacteria and virus. Sometimes, few guys are hypersensitive to exposure of allergens which are air borne. In the event of weak immune system, possibility of attacks of devastating allergens to people is high naturally. The usage of anti-histamine property is now supported by healthcare specialists. Black cumin seeds oil is enriched in anti-histamine component.

Black Cumin Seeds Oil –Much Superior to Over-the-Counter Drugs

Different weekly press releases and systematic reviews have revealed bold usefulness of black cumin seeds oil to deal with allergies. The study finds the truth about the negative results of applying oral anti-histamine, corticosteroids and mast cell stabilizers in excess. These medications delay the treatment process to eliminate allergies. The side effects include dizziness and withdrawal syndrome if patients are given high dosage of local generic anti-histamine drugs. On the other hand, black cumin seeds oil stops the overflow of histamine to energize allergens. It stabilizes the mast cells as well. It has no chemical additive or unhygienic component to deactivate the organs of the person. Black seeds oil minimizes the number of mast cells and regulates the inflammatory inducers in the blood. It is much safe for children and matured patients.

Black Seeds Oil for Controlling Common Allergies

Owing to the spread of allergens in the body, the symptoms of asthma, skin redness and running nose with gastric mucosal disorder are painful to anyone. Black cumin seeds oil is an effective medication which has potential phyto-chemical ingredients to suppress the faster allergic reaction. According to eminent medical scientists, bronchial constriction is a major allergy which also enhances wheezing, dyspnea, coughing and chest blockade. The medical experts have admitted the black seed benefits and clinically approved it as a bronchodilator. It outperforms synthetic drugs which are not suitable to allergic patients.

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Treat Food Allergy with Black Cumin Seeds Oil

Allergens which are present in food and alcohol activate the mast cells in small intestinal tubes. Dramatically, the allergies become destructive with rapid growth to damage gastrointestinal funnel as well. Repeated clinical observations have confirmed the positive result in the case of handling mast cells protease 1 with black cumin seeds oil. This type of treatment minimizes diarrhea, vomiting and oral allergies. It also protects the intestine inhibiting the development of mast cells.

Regular Dose

1-2 tablespoons of organic black cumin seeds oil with honey is an elixir with anti-histamine effect.

Black cumin seeds oil improves the anti-allergic system to diminish the awkward risks of skin rashes, respiratory track inflammation, asthma and urticaria. Black seeds oil is antioxidant for health management. It retrieves the gastro intestine protection as well.


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