Cute Love Quotes and Sayings About Relationships

The coming of two souls together, the mutual feeling of “I know you and I want you in my life” has inspired so many artists in the world to create amazing things in the name of love. How many books of poems and stories, how many songs, how many sweet lines, how many movies and ceremonies has this notion conjured? The true number is so infinite, it’s unknown. And not only in the world of art has love had such great impact. All the little things we do thorough the day just because we have someone that means so much to us also prove the greatness of this driving force. What’s more, people make the biggest of decisions based on the notion of love. Love can conquer all, destroy and renew all. It has the power to bring worlds together and it’s the one thing that inspires people the most to use the word forever.

Love Quotes and Sayings
Love Quotes and Sayings

It’s almost become innate to be able to completely romanticize relationships. In fact, the inability to do so is more often than not judged. However, although it’s a common practice to associate such unities with tender words and mindful expression of attention, for some of us, this ability to pour our souls out simply doesn’t come naturally. It doesn’t mean that such people are not able to develop deep connection and respond to the given affection, it simply means that in order to satisfy the verbal demand for romance, they depend on other people’s imagination. This is precisely when inspiring love quotes come quite handy.

Love sayings are a crucial aspect of 90% of all romantic relationship, those 10% belonging to a separate class of lovers where both partners agree not to express their devotion in such verbal ways. The reason for them to consider all of those love quotes redundant might be due to the fact that they find them cheesy or overrated. For that purpose, just in case a person that fits the description somehow ends up reading this article, I’ve also prepared some more realistic, cool and toned down quotes about relationships as well.

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Disclaimer: This article will not contain anything that might be rendered lame or blatantly inauthentic. My goal is not to act like an online jury that’s simply going to collect a few overly used love quotes and call them the best. No, I think the internet has already seen enough of those. Instead, I’ve used my extended knowledge in music, books and movies as to coin unique love sayings for you to use. And yes, if you’re a fraction of what one may call nerdy, you’re gonna love these. Also, almost all of the love saying can be used for both sexes.

Best Love Quotes To Help You Say I Love You

  • Your energy to me is like the one ring that rules them all and I’d gladly become obsessed with it and wear it so that I can disappear for the rest of the world.
  • I know it’s not mine to ask, but if you ever feel like sharing how many musical masterpieces your perfection has inspired, I’d gladly lend you my ear. My guess is that you’ll start with Berry White and Al Green.
  • We have the kind of love that can talk the night into prolonging the coming of dawn. Even the natural occurrences and the elements know, how crucial, how rare, how precious is what we share for this world.
  • If I were to catch a golden wish and had but one single wish, I’d desire all that Dean Martin’s Money Burns a Hole in My Pocket aims to acquire.
  • You know that Sam Cook song where he says he knows nothing on any subject, but he knows he’s in love? Well, I kinda feel like that except now that I with you, I am truly starting to understand chemistry.
  • Even if the whole world has to stand against our love and just like magic charm all things would occur to prevent our being together, I’d always defend our love and render the almost improbable devotion of Niles towards Daphne (Frasier) a real-life story, all because of you.
  • You are my unexpected journey and these butteries in my stomach are my version of a crazy, long bearded wizard that prompts me to stay on track and never look back.
  • I know that there are voices that echo in the night, I know that foul things do creep where once was delight, but if for a second there you enter a world of doubt when it comes to you and me, I’m prepared to go to Mordor and back to prove the wrongness of that fact.
  • Stay close, cause the opposite scares me. Stay true, cause the opposite doesn’t even dare me, stay you, cause the opposite is them, stay with me cause you make me what I am.
  • The love that dares, prevails. I dare to be real, cause I see long-term, I am not afraid to reveal my bookworm, eyes of worries and storm self, cause if love works like a spell, I want you to fall for all that I have.
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As you can see, you can draw inspiration for your own love sayings from your own interests: music, movies, books and combine them in an intelligent way as to reveal your feelings. My hones advice for all of you is to avoid being conventional as much as possible. It’s always better to use your own words than make the person you love feel non-special. If by any chance you can relate to some of my ten authentic love quotes – awesome, if not, maybe my method will inspire you to try and create your very own. Just make a mind map of all the things you both enjoy – the songs and characters you admire and most importantly, some love stories you can relate to. Keep the romance thriving, stay true to yourself and love every second of it! It’s worth the effort and I don’t think you need me to convince you in that, but I’ll say it anyways. Stay in love.


As a winged guardian of simplicity with facts as my mightiest arrows, I draw inspiration from all that surrounds me: music, books, fashion and all my daily battles.