Different Types of Ear Piercings – Unique Ear Piercing Types

Did you know that your ear has a plenty of places wherein ear piercing can be done? You just don’t know it yet. Grab a mirror, factor it closer to your ear and believe a pierce on a specific place. Remember that place and in addition of this article you will find out what is the call of the ear piercing you need to get.

Ear piercing has been very famous over time and the opportunities have been best increasing. Getting cool ear piercings may be very thrilling, however if you need to ensure you’re making the proper decision, you need to carefully choose the area in your ears. There are many reasons why ear piercings are so popular among young adults and adults. The most effective one is that ear piercing is continually in fashion and trendy. Self-expression is some other reason, as a few humans like to show the others their non-public taste via forms of ear piercings. Other people get their ears pierced because it’s far conventional for their countries. For example, Indian mother and father get their children’s ears pierced age 0-three years old, as it supposedly benefits their health. Before getting your ear pierced, there are some matters you ought to know. The two most commonplace questions people ask are:

How antique do you have to be to get your ears pierced?

There aren’t any felony age restrictions each on frame and ear piercing. However, human beings underneath the age of sixteen are required to take a determine or parent with them and all piercing experts require a written consent earlier than piercing their ears.

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How lengthy does it take for an ear piercing to heal?

Different piercing professionals endorse a different recuperation time. However, the proper recovery time for your ear is 4-6 weeks for an earlobe piercing and 10-12 weeks for a cartilage piercing, due to the fact the cartilage takes longer to heal.

Are you still up for piercing your ears? Then you higher learn the maximum famous ear piercing types earlier than you’re making up your mind.

Types of Ear Piercings

Lobe Piercing


Lobe piercing is the oldest, maximum commonplace, most herbal and maximum famous form of ear piercing. It is cited as “the authentic ear piercing kind”, surely because it’s miles a lot more perfect than the opposite ear piercings. Low maintenance, easy to attachremove and nearly painless to get, the lobe piercing is the ideal ear piercing. You can get a hollow to your lobe with an ear gun or a needle. Since the lobe is the most important and softest a part of the ear, depending to your lobe’s size, you can get as tons as 3 piercings on one ear, without experiencing any discomfort or ache. Simple, but stylish and attractive, the lobe piercing is just as flexible as your mischievous mind.

Cartilage Piercing


Cartilage piercing refers to many one of a kind ear piercings, which include helix, ahead helix, business helix, triple helix, anti-helix, tragus, anti-tragus, daith, conch, cushty piercing and others. A popular ear cartilage piercing is very famous among young adults those days, simply as a good deal because the lobe piercing. Unlike lobe piercing, earlier than getting a cartilage piercing ear, you need to remember quite a few factors, starting with the recuperation time. This piercing type requires about 12 weeks for the cartilage to get better and for the reason that that place on the ear uses a restricted blood supply, it may in no way heal properly.

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Daith Piercing


Daith piercing has grow to be incredibly popular over time, whether because of the false perception that it is able to therapy migraine or the particular appearance it gives to your ear. Many people agree with that daith piercing can help them in managing migraine attacks, but actual proof is but to be found. This ear piercing kind places the pierce via your ear’s innermost cartilage fold, however only in case your fold is big/lengthy enough. Truth be told, daith piercing may be truly painful for some people, however temporary ache is a small price to pay for a elegant piece of accent in your ear, right?