Cool Things You Can Do On The Internet For Free

Do you often find yourself bored at home with nothing to do? Here is a list of some fun things to do on the Internet to beat the boredom blues.

Boredom is the unfulfilled desire for meaningful or satisfying activity. It’s a totally unpleasant state to be in, a sense that time is passing really slowly and feeling tired, restless, or irritable. Boredom is a negative and destructive feeling which usually occurs when we can’t become engaged with the external world or our inner thoughts.

Boredom can make us feel extremely tired and nervous, and in the end, we do nothing which makes us even more fed up with the situation. However, in certain circumstances, boredom can be good for us because it can boost our creativity and lead to greater productivity and self-reflection. Some of the most famous inventors in the world have said that many of their most brilliant ideas have come at a time of stillness when they were bored.

How to overcome boredom?

The most effective way to prevent boredom in the first place is to make your life interesting by keeping yourself occupied with things you enjoy doing. Learn how to be happy with yourself even when you’re alone or find yourself a new hobby.

Things to Do on the Internet
Things to Do on the Internet

Your imagination is one of the most powerful tools in the fight against boredom, so create visual images which stimulate you and give you something to look forward to. Find something exciting or stimulating to do, such as reading or listening to something that may end up stimulating your mind. You can even read some personality development tips to better yourself. The important thing is to refuse to succumb to boredom and re-gain a positive attitude about life.

However, if none of the above work and you have a laptop or a smartphone with you, there should be no reason you cannot find anything interesting to do. When it comes to the Internet, the possibilities of fun things you can do is endless. If you’re wondering how to waste time online or you’re just looking for some ideas and ways to have fun and get rid of boredom, here is a list of things to do online!

Watch YouTube Videos

Videos have become the greatest source of entertainment on the Internet and YouTube has plenty of videos you can enjoy when you’re bored with nothing to do. You can have fun, keep yourself updates, watch your favorite music videos, TV shows, watch online cartoons or learn something new…YouTube is definitely one of the best places for killing boredom. You can also create your own YouTube channel and make some money while doing what you love.

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Try Reading

Who says that reading is boring? There are so many ways you can educate yourself and have fun at the same time. There are many websites that will allow you to read some great e-books online for free. You can also read some interesting pages on Wikipedia or comics, create your own blog, or try Tarot reading for fun.

Learn Something New

Learning is great! You can learn a lot of interesting stuff on the Internet and you can be assured that while learning and having fun, you are not going to waste time. You can learn to make origami, solve a Rubik’s cube, cook something delicious or play a musical instrument. The Internet has hundreds of videos and tutorials to help you learn something new and kill boredom.

Learn A New Language

Learning a new language is always fun. So, if you have free time on the Internet, why not learn some new language? Speaking a second language will open up an entire world of job opportunities and make you smarter and more interesting person. Duolingo is a good place to start if you want to learn the language you’ve always wanted to learn.

Learn PhotoShop

PhotoShop allows people to improve photos in countless ways. Learning PhotoShop can be a little difficult, but the good news is that there are many tutorials for just about anything you would want to do in PhotoShop. YouTube is the best place on the web where you can acquire PhotoShop skills for free. Find a channel, watch videos and tutorials and learn how to master the techniques and edit your photos like a pro.

Play Games

Online games aren’t just meant for children! If you have a lot of free time and nothing to do, you can play video games. There are many websites that offer interesting and highly addictive games for free. Playing games is a fun distraction and a great way to kill some time. Playing games in moderation will help you de-stress and will improve your multi-tasking skills.

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Look At Pictures

Bored at home with nothing interesting to do? When boredom sets in, search for anything on Google Images and get thousands of pictures that will keep you entertained. If you’re looking for some funny pictures, videos or quotes, UberHumor is a really great place to look for because they post new content every day.


With online stores like Ebay and Amazon, how can you be bored? It doesn’t even matter whether or not you want to buy something, you can easily spend hours and hours browsing through the many categories and items. Online shopping has numerous advantages. It is convenient, hassle free, and at the same time, it is a great way to kill time.

Things You Can Do On The Internet
Things You Can Do On The Internet

Learn Some Magic Tricks

Who doesn’t love a good magic trick? Learn some cool magic tricks that you can show to your family and friends. Be it playing card tricks, mind reading or something else, the Internet is here to help you out. If you’re bored, go to YouTube and find some videos to learn amazing magic tricks to amaze your friends.

Solve Puzzles

Solving puzzles is a super fun way to kill boredom! There are so many different kinds of puzzles and riddles you can find online. Working on a puzzle until you solve it takes patience and determination. Puzzles force you to use your general knowledge, memory, logic and problem-solving skills. Puzzle solving also boosts your creativity, brain power, improves your concentration as well as your organizing and analytical skills.


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