Funny Questions to Ask a Guy to Get to Know Him Well

Get a hold of our questions to ask a guy and get his serotonin levels high. Draw a line of joy on the face of your love interest boy and make him want you more!

We might have proven that it’s not a man’s world in the absolute meaning of the phrase, but a man’s world is sure worth exploring. Many girls have noticed the benefits of becoming truly interested in their much simpler ways and habits.

Not only that you can strengthen your relationship with the guy you like, but also, you will make him feel more appreciated. There is no soul in this world that doesn’t like talking about themselves, and with the right stimulation, the perfect questions and the perfect ice breaker, you can better your communication with any guy for good.

Questions to Ask a Guy
Questions to Ask a Guy

Guys often feel that women talk too much and for too long for things that hold no interest for them and although pretending to like something you don’t is not a good strategy, learning a few key things on a subject or two won’t hurt you. In this article, we’ll provide you with questions to get to know a guy that you may not think of if left on your own devices. In addition, remember that it’s not always about what to ask a guy, but also when and how.

Make sure that you choose the appropriate time and place for a specific question. Also, there are some questions for guys that may not be a favorite subject if you don’t introduce playfulness and create relaxing atmosphere beforehand.

What’s Your Favorite Genre of Music?

It’s no secret that music connects people, but it also reveals a lot about them. The choice of favorite genre can give you a hint as to what kind of person this guy might be. I am not trying to suggest that just like the signs in astrology, a certain type of music can tell you all the traits a person may have, but it has been proven times and times again that some people are simply born under the same star – or should I say guitar?

Are You a Collector of Any Kind of Items?

More often than not, guys like to collect cool stuff, be it action figures, comic books, vinyl records and what not. If this guy is not into collecting stuff, no big deal, just move on to your next question, but if it happens so that he is one of these passionate people, oh boy, will he be thrilled to tell you all about it. From all possible things to ask a guy, this might be the one that is most likely to catch him by surprise, so make sure you use it as a fine ace up your sleeve.

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Do You Play or Actively Watch Some Kind of Sport?

This might be one of the most common questions to ask a guy, but it does not mean that you should leave it out. However, you might want to get a little bit more creative about it and ask him how it all started and has he ever dreamed of becoming a well-known athlete himself. You can also complement him on his looks (yes girls, guys like to hear nice things about themselves too) and tell him that you were sure that he’s into some sport since he looks so handsome.

Do You Play Video Games?

Now that’s something he’d love to talk about if he is a gamer. If not, at least you’ll hear his opinion about it. Just make sure that you also tell him your thoughts on this one. It’s OK to expand your views and be able to play a game or two, but some people take all of that to a whole different level and you might not like that. There is such phenomenon as video games addiction and unless the partner is willing to take the same path in life, she’s gonna have a bad time.

What Are Your Favorite TV Shows?

This topic can make your conversation go from so-so to wow! Especially if you and this guy are fans of the same TV shows… There are so many things to discuss, such as different characters, predictions about the shows, similarities between other shows and much more. Not only you will get to know him better, but this question will also lead to a whole hour of fun conversation, at the least!

Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy You Like

Now, for all of you brave and bold girls out there, the fun does not end with the above mentioned five questions. Guys are certainly not the only living creatures that like to use language for creating sexual tension and playfulness. Just remember that flirting is not so much about what you say as it is about how you say it, but also be careful not to overdo it – you might end up looking desperate, unless you really, really know how to pull it off. Here are some flirty questions to give you a hint as to what I mean. These are in fact an enhanced version and continuance of the previous five.

  • Once you’re well into the discussion on music likes, he will certainly talk passionately about a certain artist, song or genre and this is your chance to say: Damn boy, I can’t help but wonder how lucky would a girl be if she manages to get your eyes as glowy as whn you mention ________. This is more of a declaration than a question, but hey, who is to put a label on my flirtatious sentences?
  • When it comes to the topic of collecting items, you can simply add playfully: I also want to become a collector of something special, your kisses maybe?
  • If it happens so that he’s a big fan of some kind of sport, you can say something like: The way you talk about it, makes me wanna be your first row cheerleader.
  • Gamers and flirting? Well that should be an easy one… Or not? Well, you have to hack their language and then heat things up. It should sound something like: I’d love to escape this limiting physical world with you. Are you up for being my hero and lead me to a whole new world of virtual realms? Should I grab my helmet?
  • Conversations about TV shows are a great opportunity to make a parallel between him and some cute guy on the screen. Just ask him: Has anyone ever told you how much you and ______ look alike?