Living in Norway Pros and Cons – Moving to Norway Checklist

Norway is a stunning Scandinavian u . S . A . famous for its herbal sights like mountains, glaciers, and beautiful fjords. The land of Vikings is undoubtedly one of the maximum awesome countries inside the world, recognised for its secure streets, clean air, middle of the night sun, and its excessive popular of residing. Working and living in this peaceful u . S . is splendid in so many ways, however, if you’re considering moving to Norway, you want to recognize the whole picture and find out the entirety approximately residing in Norway, professionals and cons, and what advantages are you able to get. Relocating to a overseas u . S . can be both interesting and a chunk scary, so earlier than you decide, it’s absolutely crucial to know the whole lot. Without similarly ado, here is our listing of some of the largest benefits and downsides of residing in Norway.

Pros and Cons of Living in Norway


It’s simply the happiest location on Earth

According to a United Nations employer report, Norway is presently the happiest location on Earth. In 2017, Norway displaced Denmark as the international’s happiest country and at the back of Norway and Denmark come Iceland, Switzerland, and Finland. But what makes this country so special? Well, Norway is ranking fairly in all areas that guide happiness along with freedom, health, caring, generosity, honesty, appropriate governance and income.

It’s really secure and non violent u . S .

Besides being the happiest vicinity on Earth, Norway is likewise one of the most secure and maximum non violent countries within the global. The crime and the incarceration costs in Norway are extraordinarily low. Police officials don’t even convey guns and robberies are very rare, which makes Norway one of the most secure locations to live in and journey to.

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High-first-rate healthcare for all

The first-rate of public healthcare in Norway is excessive and it’s covered under the country wide system. This method that the citizens aren’t paying out of their pockets for visits to the doctor (except for dental care) or are paying but only a small fee. There are each public and private facilities in Norway, despite the fact that personal healthcare is funded by using patient charges and is much greater luxurious. Anyone who’s residing and operating in Norway for more than a yr is required to contribute in the direction of the National Insurance Scheme which facilitates to fund public healthcare.

High profits and excessive fashionable of residing

Salaries in Norway are some of the highest within the world and the unemployment rate could be very low. There are many employment possibilities in a number industries and the salaries are high even for the non-skilled people. There’s no minimum wage and the common salary of full-time workers is around $68,000 ($five,135 consistent with month). Part-time personnel can earn a mean of $4,000 in keeping with month.

Long holidays

The Norwegians love to paintings difficult but they also want to play hard. If you’re on a nearby operating contract, you will enjoy five weeks of holidays in step with 12 months in addition to the many national holidays at some stage in the 12 months.

Short running hours

Compared to other countries, Norway has signficantly shorter working weeks. Norwegians typically paintings 7.5 hours in line with day (37.five consistent with week) with 1/2 an hour for lunch. Employees spend a mean of 8 hours at the place of job and it’s not anticipated that they’ll solution emails in the evenings or at the weekends. Of course, all people who has to work more than forty hours in a week may be paid overtime.

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High-exceptional housing

The market in Norway is complete of captivating and modern houses and apartments you may buy or rent for a excessive widespread of residing. Norwegians take lots of pride of their homes, this means that that they take excellent care of them. Most homes are constructed with wood, which offers them a herbal experience and they’re commonly painted in quite a few vivid hues together with yellow, red, or blue.

High-pleasant public schooling and free college schooling

Norway is a non violent and secure usa that favors equality and places excellent significance on education. Norway is understood to provide a excessive exceptional of existence in many aspects including schooling, which means that they have numerous awesome getting to know institutions. The united states also gives free college and university schooling to absolutely everyone, whether or not they’re Norwegian or not.

Outdoor life

If you experience the outdoors and you like to maintain an active lifestyle, then Norway is the area to be. Norwegians revel in many styles of sports which includes hiking, fishing, skiing, camping, snowboarding, and whitewater rafting. Norway is widely seemed as the house of snowboarding and winter sports lovers in Norway get to ski for nearly six months of a 12 months. Hiking is also a famous game in this stunning united states that boasts a number of the maximum exquisite mountain landscapes inside the global.

The Weather

When taking into account Norway, maximum humans think of winter. Even even though it is able to get very bloodless in the Northern elements of the usa, in the coastal areas of Southern Norway the temperatures are not often exceptional. The winters are long, freezing, and windy, but summers are commonly cool and pleasant. The worst factor approximately Norwegian climate is that it is moist yr round, so in case you don’t like rain, snow, and bloodless weather, then this place isn’t proper for you.

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High price of residing

Even although Norway is the safest usa with excessive salaries, superb healthcare and education, it’s still one of the global’s most luxurious countries. Almost the entirety in Norway is in reality luxurious. For example, a cup of coffee prices around $7.50, a loaf of bread is $10, a 10-minute bus trip expenses nearly $five.00, and a mean dinner at a mid-range eating place comes with a hefty rate tag of $35.00 to $40.00 in step with person.

High Taxes

Norway may be the wealthiest and happiest location on Earth, however it’s also one of the most heavily taxed countries in the global with a complete tax burden of 45% of GDP. If you’re dwelling in Norway you’ll should pay a huge quantity of tax regardless of what, however on positive side, this cash will visit profitable regions like public healthcare advert free training.

Norwegian isn’t the very best language to analyze

The Norwegian language (natively known as Norsk) isn’t always the easiest language to learn. Learning Norwegian is one of the first challenges you will face while you flow to Norway and Google Translate will probably end up your exceptional friend. You can start via taking Norwegian classes each day, watching films and TV collection with subtitles in Norwegian and taking note of Norwegian radio stations to get used to being attentive to neighborhood dialects. However, even if you may’t examine Norwegian, it’s k because almost all and sundry in Norway speaks English.