Online VS Offline Relationship

Online or offline relationship? You will be left alone to judge what’s better in the nick of time.

A relationship is a form of association or partnering between two people who are mutually connected, and eventually, this may lead to courtship, friendship, love, marriage, or affairs.
In recent times, there has been clarity on the types of relationships that exist and they are majorly grouped into:

  • Offline relationships
  • Online relationships

A form of a relationship that requires physical contact, meetings, appearances, outings is simply an offline relationship.

online relationship

A good example is one between two partners who are in a relationship and get to see each other often or seldom; they are definitely in an off-online relationship. Such relationships can have moments of kissing, hugging and physical admiring. The true concept about the offline relationship is that since both parties get to meet, there is tendency of:

  • A mutual understanding
  • Knowing the true intention of your partner
  • Physically discerning if the partner possesses what you want

While there’s no doubt that both online and offline relationships should be built on trust, some people make the mistake of mistrusting the person they’re with. When there is no trust, both types of relationships are not in any way different.

Although it is myopic to think that the essence of a relationship that requires physical contact, a relationship be it offline or online is a complementary thing, so both partners desire must be to complement one another.

Who says an offline relationship cannot be online and vice versa?

There are many who have been in an offline relationship, but due to factors like:

  • Work
  • Education
  • Crisis and
  • Circumstances have changed location only to be able to communicate with their partner via an online platform. It is necessary to bear in mind that the aforementioned factors can always change and things get back to the way they were.
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The concept of an online relationship

In this 21st century, where technology is taking over and so many tasks can be accomplished without meeting people in person; for instance reading this article, which hopefully has been very helpful, doesn’t require you sitting under the teaching of someone in a hall, religious gathering, or public speaking – you are reading it via your phone, tablet, palmtop, laptop, or PC. It is correct to say that most relationships, even the so called offline relationships have started via online platform, with the likes of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Skype and FOC Dating in USA currently connecting millions of people all over the world, there are millions of business relationships, love relationship, social relationships, and entrepreneurial relationship formed daily.

The online relationship does not involve physical contacts, all communications are shared via voice calls, video calls, text, and chats and both parties would make their intents known via smile, or videos and voice. So many have engaged in this and it works for them 100%, but if it is not working for you, it doesn’t mean it is indifferent from the offline relationship.

Someone involved in an offline relationship would most certainly believe that online relationship is baseless and cannot result in anything useful for both parties, but how would you define an offline relationship where both partners don’t trust each other? As long as the both parties of the relationship are satisfied, whether online or offline, it doesn’t matter.