Conversation Topics: Good Conversation Starters For Couples


11. What is the one aspect you would love to change about yourself?

12. What form of apparel do you love seeing me wear?

13. What gives you “butterflies”?

14. What motivates you the maximum in existence and what makes you sense discouraged?

15. What became your favorite e book or film as a child?

16. Who turned into your formative years high-quality friend?

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Funny Questions to Ask a Guy to Get to Know Him Well



  • Once you’re well into the dialogue on song likes, he will truly communicate passionately about a sure artist, song or style and that is your chance to say: Damn boy, I can’t help but wonder how fortunate would a lady be if she manages to get your eyes as glowy as whn you point out ________. This is greater of a declaration than a question, however hey, who’s to put a label on my flirtatious sentences?
  • When it comes to the topic of gathering items, you could honestly add playfully: I also need to end up a collector of something special, your kisses maybe?
  • If it takes place in order that he’s a large fan of some kind of sport, you could say something like: The way you speak about it, makes me wanna be your first row cheerleader.
  • Gamers and flirting? Well that should be an smooth one… Or not? Well, you have to hack their language and then warmth things up. It have to sound something like: I’d love to break out this limiting bodily international with you. Are you up for being my hero and lead me to an entire new global of digital realms? Should I clutch my helmet?
  • Conversations approximately TV indicates are a extraordinary possibility to make a parallel among him and some lovely guy at the screen. Just ask him: Has all of us ever advised you how plenty you and ______ look alike?

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5 ways that teenagers are just like toddlers

In my last blog you should have found out that I am the mother of young adults, 15 and 14, and a toddler, 16 months. Yesterday, Mariah, my oldest, climbed into Ava’s crib and laid down. This was much to Ava’s satisfaction who babbled excitedly about it and clearly said the word baby. This complete state of affairs gave me the idea for this blog post! I had the revelation that young adults have a lot in commonplace with toddlers. Here are five ways they’re alike: Continue reading “5 ways that teenagers are just like toddlers”


Yes, I've been posting, despite the fact that my domestic page doesn't look like it. In fact, I've been doing some of weblog-associated activities. I've posted to class blogs and even installation a new category which I will announce soon.
I'm splitting up my blog into more than one site. Is cross-posting to more than one sites taken into consideration bad internet etiquette? I've heard this is a no-no in newsgroups. What approximately blogs? Oh, well–I do it a lot. Radio UserLand's model sincerely makes it very clean to do. Continue reading “xagronaut”