10 Crazy Prank Call Ideas for Friends

Prank cellphone calls exist since the invention of telephones. The earliest and maximum famous prank calls are the Tube Bar prank calls tapes from the 1970s, wherein John Elmo and Jim Davidson might ask “Red”, the owner of the bar if they could talk to various fictitious customers. However, we’ve come a long manner in view that then, and now we have the Internet to help us with the pranking. If you’re in want of some new thoughts, we’ve compiled a list of some funny pranks call ideas for young adults and adults.

Important Notice: Even although pranks are made to elicit laughter and amusing, you should best carry out prank calls on precise buddies who recognise you properly and will respect your sense of humor. Make sure to pick out the proper person as your victim – do now not play pranks on all people with heart problems or any other health issues, older, or short-tempered humans. Another aspect you need to keep in thoughts is to pick out the best time to prank your pals. If they’re sad or harassed out, they’ll no longer get hold of your prank nicely.

Wrong Number

This is probably the most popular prank name script of all times! This is one of the first-rate prank call thoughts to do when you’re in a organisation of friends and you simply want to clutter with someone. Call up your sufferer and ask for, let’s say Adam for example. Then some other pal from the group have to also call the victim and ask for Adam. The individual on the other aspect of the line will clearly get angry and frustrated. For more laughs, name up the victim again, introduce your self as Adam and ask if someone has been calling for you.

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Telemarketing Prank Call

This prank name concept is a classic! Telemarketers constantly harass humans with calls for services or products that no one needs, so why don’t you use the telemarketing concept to prank your friends. Call your sufferer and introduce the product that you are selling. Think of some thing bizarre, absolutely silly, or worthless and try to promote them that product. For example, you can say: “Will you be interested in shopping for air conditioned shoes?”

Stop Calling Me

This is some other top prank idea that works each time. Call your sufferer and accuse them that they are honestly calling you. Keep arguing with them which you’re not the one who referred to as first and then preserve calling. Make a risk that in the event that they don’t prevent calling, you’ll name the police or record their number. This prank call idea will either make a person snort out loud or piss them off.

Stolen Identity

Call your victim and let them understand that you’re calling from the police station. Tell your sufferer that you’re investigating an identity robbery case and that they’re involved as it was their identification that the robbery is using. Ask the character some simple questions consisting of their full name and address, so as to verify their identity. Then say that it corresponds to the data being utilized by the thief and continue with asking some bizarre questions like “What’s the shade of your toothbrush?” or “Why do your feet scent and your nose runs?”

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The Pizza Hut Misunderstanding

The Pizza Hut prank call concept is one of the tried and examined prank calls that genuinely work. Call up your local Pizza Hut and then begin describing your favorite pizza on the Domino’s menu. Then when the employee eventually factors out that they don’t have this particular pizza on their menu, just ask for the contact information of a nearby Domino’s outlet. For extra a laugh, repeat the process – name Domino’s and ask for Pizza Hut’s number.

Fake Survey

This prank is hilarious and we could your imagination run wild. Think of a few virtually bizarre or silly questions and behavior a survey. However, most human beings are typically reluctant to reply surveys, so that you would possibly have a little trouble finding a person willing to pay attention to you. But, while you locate your sufferer, ask them a peculiar question.

Here are a few honestly amusing examples you could use:

What’s your favorite speaking animal? Which shoe do you put on first? Can you daydream at night?

Are eyebrows taken into consideration facial hair?