10 Prank Calling Apps: Prankdial App, Voice Changer For Android

Pranking or gambling realistic jokes on pals, relatives, or co-employees is a timeless tradition. Pranks have been around for all time and way to the advancement in cell technology, the art of prank calls has changed considerably over the years. Pranking turn out to be much more fun and less complicated and today there are so many prank calling apps for Android that will let you fool anyone you want with out too much effort. We’ve compiled a listing of various tremendous packages that have the capability to trade your voice or assist you to call your “victims” from a exceptional quantity, so that you’re sure to discover a prank call app that works for your occasion. Choose the application you recollect to be the maximum hilarious and use it to prank your friends or family members. Keep in mind that some human beings hate pranks, so have a laugh but be careful now not to get in trouble. Without in addition ado, right here are the great prank name apps for all Android users!

Best Prank Call Apps For Android


Prank Dial

Prank Dial is clearly one of the first-rate and most famous prank calling apps available for Android. The PrankDial app comes with hundreds of various pranks you can choose from and the excellent thing about this app is that new pranks are delivered almost each day. Prank Dial permits you to make 3 loose calls a day, save your calls to your own prank call history, touch upon your favourite pranks and concentrate on your pals’ hilarious reactions. If you need to prank your buddies, Prank Dial is one of the satisfactory packages that sounds like a actual man or woman and could do precisely what you need.

Fake-A-Call Free

This is every other cool unfastened app for Android which you could use it to fake an incoming call and without problems idiot your pals or relatives. Fake-A-Call is an unique app that allows you to make fake calls as a way to look real in your friends. However, you may additionally fake an incoming name out of your wife/husband, boss, or a particular celebrity and provoke your pals. The calls look actual due to the fact the app has a completely practical keypad, speaker, and speak to buttons. You can pick your own ringtone and schedule fake calls. This amusing and absolutely loose app comes with 9 unique voices you may select from so as to keep away from recognition. There’s also any other paid version of the app that includes a few extra scripts and voices.

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Call Voice Changer

Call Voice Changer is a hilarious app a good way to make every body crack a smile. This app lets you alternate your voice in actual time and permits you to upload some funny sound effects at the same time as you’re on the cellphone. You can without difficulty exchange the pitch of your voice and boost your calls with crazy sound outcomes like a siren or dog bark. If you need to prank someone for a laugh, Call Voice Changer is one of the pleasant apps out there.

Fake Call Prank

Fake Call Prank is among the excellent and most convincing prank name apps you could use to idiot your buddies or absolutely everyone you want. This app is absolutely loose, easy to apply and does no longer require an Internet connection. You can select a call from your contacts, pick your calling time and pick out your favourite ringtone. You can pick out a specific time for calling and you could even set up numerous fake calls for distinctive timings so that you can annoy your buddies and circle of relatives individuals all of the time. Fake Call Prank also has a custom recording choice that lets in you to file a message if you want to play robotically whilst you or the other individual get hold of the prank call.

Celebrity Prank Call

Celebrity Prank Call is a a laugh and completely free prank name app for Android users. This application permits you to pick quite a number out of your phone’s contacts, change the pitch of your voice, and you could even add a photograph of your preferred celeb with a purpose to appear as your fake caller photo whilst you obtain the decision. You can schedule a call from your favored superstar at any time you want and trick your friends into wondering that this unique celebrity is without a doubt calling you.

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Fake Me A Call

Fake Me A Call is a high-quality app if you need to fake a call with your cellular phone with out being called in reality. With this app, you could without problems specify fake caller and pretend number and agenda a prank call on your telephone. You can choose a ringtone out of your telephone and pick a faux name display from four one of a kind calling screens, pick a custom faux name voice and a photograph for the fake caller. The faux name may be automatically missed in case you don’t pick up the call after 25 seconds and can be stored into your phone’s call log.

Bluff My Call

Bluff My Call is a free calling utility for Android users. With the help of this app, you may create a fake caller ID, pick out a faux male or woman voice and make humorous and nameless prank calls in your buddies, circle of relatives members or co-employees. Just select someone you need to name, enter a fake wide variety and your victim will by no means understand you’re the one calling. You can additionally document your communique and their hilarious response on your telephone.

Fake Call Girlfriend Prank HD

With this hilarious app, you may trick your pals into questioning that a beautiful woman or a fabulous superstar is looking you. You can agenda a fake name from random girls and all you need to do is to choose a person from your cellphone’s contacts or specify a name and quantity you like. Add a photo of a adorable female and this picture will seem as your fake caller picture on every occasion you obtain the fake name. This is the right prank to play on your pals and circle of relatives, and you could even use this app to make your actual female friend jealous!

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Prankster is every other superb prank call app you may use to prank your pals or literally everyone you need. The app is very simple and smooth to use: just pick out one of the many prank call eventualities, use the dial pad to enter a smartphone range (or pick out more than a few out of your contacts), send your name, wait for the call to be recorded and then concentrate on your sufferer’s reaction. Prankster comes with extra than two hundred pranks to select from and new prank name situations are brought regularly. The prank calls are recorded and stored for your cellphone so that you can easily find them and percentage them whenever you need.

Smart Fake Call

Smart Fake Call allows you to time table fake calls with a view to prevent from an uneventful dinner or an lousy meeting. If you’re not superb at making “faux” excuses, then this app is the proper brief solution that will help you break out from undesirable situations. This loose application permits you to create a faux name immediately with one click and you can also schedule more than one fake calls. You get to select your preferred recording for the fake calls, set contact of your preference and upload a photo out of your cell tool together with the faux caller call. Smart Fake Call helps 15 languages.