Southern (Rustic) Country Boy Names Wanted!

Choosing the suitable name to your little child boy can be tough, specifically because there are such a lot of names you could select from – traditional, latest, exotic, unique and completely unusual. However, rustic names are making a main comeback, so if you’re someone who pertains to all matters natural, then choosing a traditional rustic name must be a exquisite choice. Finding a call that your child will love and treasure can look like a hard and overwhelming task, however it’s totally really worth a while and effort, so make certain that you pick out your child’s name wisely.

If you haven’t determined on a name yet, we’ve compiled a listing of a number of the most popular united states infant boy names and their origins, accurate meanings, and spellings. Even although they’re a touch bit rustic, these names are charming, adorable, and have the proper ring to them. So, test our listing of rustic boy names and you simply might discover the name you’ve been looking for!


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Majestic dignity

Austin is a Latin toddler call and it is related to the name Augustus, that is derived from the Latin word Augere, which means “to increase” or “grow”. In Latin, the meaning of the child boy call Austin is Majestic, Magnificient. This call has an attractive southwestern sense and that’s why it’s a totally famous name throughout numerous elements of the world. Other sorts of the call Austin are Austyn, Austen, Agostino, Augustin, and Awstin.


Origin: English

Meaning: Male Deer

Buck is another famous boy name of Old English beginning. The meaning of the call Buck is “a male deer” and again within the 18th century, the call Buck turned into used as a given name or nickname to describe a dashing, fashionably dressed, and spirited young man. Other versions or nicknames for this rustic call consist of Buckey, Bucky, and Buckie.

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Origin: English

Meaning: Cart driver

The boy name Carter comes from an English surname which signified an occupation, consequently the meaning of the name Carter is “cart driver, cart maker”. This country call dates lower back to the 19th century and has continually been a masculine call this is frequently associated with boys who develop up to be non secular and inspirational. One of the most popular versions of the name is Karter, which is an Americanized respelling that swaps the “C” for a “K”.


Origin: English

Meaning: Barrel maker

Cooper is another famous rustic name of English foundation. In fact, the call become originally a center call derived from the profession of barrel and bath makers. In medieval England, the name Cooper became assigned to the barrel makers as a shape of identification and then handed down to their sons. Cooper is one of the oldest English surnames, recorded first as “le Cupere” in 1176, but today it is one of the most famous masculine names.


Origin: German, French

Meaning: Brave with a spear; rule with a spear

Garrett is a call with German and French origins and it changed into derived from the ancient names Gerald and Gerard which had been developed in the Dark Ages. The name begins with “gari” which means “spear”, consequently the which means of the name is brave with a spear. Back in the Dark Ages which had been characterized by a cultural and monetary deterioration, the call Garrett reflected a feel of robustness and was quite a popular name for boys. Alternate forms of the name consist of Garreth, Garret, and Gary.


Origin: English

Meaning: Power, power

Hudson is a call of English foundation and the original meaning become “the son of Hudde”. The name method power, electricity or hardness. As a surname, Hudson dates lower back to the 13th century in England and Scotland. Today, the call is one of the most usually used child boy names in America, even although it can be used as a unisex call. Variations of the name Hudson consist of Hugh, Hugo, and Richard.

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Origin: English

Meaning: Son of Jack

Jackson is the transferred use of a patronymic surname ( a surname that originates from the given call of the father), therefore the meaning of the name is “son of Jack”.Among English speakers, however, the nickname Jack has constantly been related to the name John, which is of Hebrew foundation. Nowadays, Jackson is one of the trendiest names for child boys. Other variations and nicknames for this call consist of Jaxon, Jaxson, Jack, Jax, Jaxen and Jensen.


Origin: English

Meaning: From the long hill

Landon is a boy name of Old English origin which could be very popular in the Deep South and in rural regions. Landon is genuinely the transferred use of one of the oldest English surnames “Langadune”, which dates again to 11th century. The meaning of this stunning and latest rustic name is “lengthy hill”. Some of the most popular nicknames for Landon encompass Landy, Land, Lan, Lanny, and Lando.


Origin: English

Meaning: Peaceful farm

Paxton is the transferred use of the Old English surname Pachstone, which was derived from a place referred to as the village of Paxton in Huntingdonshire, which means “peaceful farm”. The oldest recorded spelling of this surname regarded within the 12th century and changed into spelled “du Paxtun”. The name Paxton is most commonly used in the United States and have become extremely famous in 2007 whilst actress Angelina Jolie followed her three-year-antique son Pax from Vietnam. The most famous variant of the name is Payton.


Origin: English, French, Gaelic

Meaning: All-heart, brave one

The name Tucker has three viable origins. First, Tucker can also have come from the Gaelic O’Tuachair because of this a male descendant of the “courageous one”. Another opportunity is that Tucker is the transferred use of an Old English surname which originated from the occupation of a “tucker” (material softener). The third opportunity is that Tucker originated as a nickname for the French Tout-Coeur meaning “all heart.” Anyway, this country boy name has come to be very popular in the 1980s, way to its short and upbeat sound.

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Origin: English, French

Meaning: Tough in war

Wyatt is derived from an Old Norman-French surname, which itself originates from an Old English masculine name Wīgheard. The name is made from the Old Anglo-Saxon words “wīg” which means “war, battle” and “heard” which means “hard, firm, solid, not soft”. In different words, the which means of Wyatt is “hard or brave in war”. Although this name is very Western and rustic, Wyatt has end up very modern within the remaining several years.


Origin: English

Meaning: Western town

Weston comes from the English location-based surname Westun. The name comes from the Old English elements “west” and “tūn” which suggest settlement, enclosure, so literally, Weston way a “Western town”. These kinds of surnames have been in reality given to individuals who moved to new areas as a form of identity. This masculine call’s got that rugged and mysterious high-quality human beings like, which makes it a popular toddler boy call. Variations of Weston consist of Westin and Wesley.