Tami Lynn Leppert Unsolved Mysteries

What happened to Tami Lynn Leppert remains as one of the biggest unsolved mysteries known to date. Discover everything that we do know about the case.

Full Name: Tami Lynn Leppert

Gender: Female

Occupation: Child/teen model and actress

Health Status: She may have been 3 months in pregnancy

Date of birth: February 5, 1965

Date of disappearance: July 6, 1983

Case Status: Unsolved

Tami Lynn Leppert

In the world of celebrities, unsolved mysteries seem to be not-so-common-yet a part of the business. Many famous artists have departed from this world without us knowing how and why. For example, it is believed that Kurt Cobain committed a suicide, while in fact, it is speculated that it was a murder. The Notorious B.I.G. And Tupac Shakur were also murdered and their cases were never solved. And there is Tami Lynn Leppert, a young model and actress with an exceptional natural beauty. On 6th of July, 1983, something inexplicable happened: Tami Leppert disappeared mysteriously never to be found or seen anywhere ever again.

The Rockledge born model spent her childhood competing in over 300 beauty pageants in Florida and wider and won a lot of them. Tami’s dreams from her childhood became her life goals, as she was still doing modeling and acting at her age of 16, 17 and 18. As young as she were, Tami got herself parts in a few movies, with the popular gangster classic “Scarface” worth mentioning. In 1982, Leppert attended a party when it is believed that something happened that caused her to start showing patterns of paranoid, violent and erratic behavior ever since. During the shooting of this movie in 1982, she suffered a complete emotional breakdown while filming a violent scene. It was later found out that the cause for her breakdown was the sight of fake blood.

Disappearance of Tammy Lynn Leppert

After what it seemed to be a violent outburst in 1983, a month before her disappearance, Tami Lynn Leppert had to stay in a mental health center for 72 hours. On July 6, Tami went for a ride with a friend and vanished so cleanly, so quickly, so mysterious as if she’d never existed. On that day, she was wearing a blue shirt with flowers, a denim skirt of the same color, a gray purse and sandals. Some agencies reported that she was wearing no shoes. The friend with whom Tami left told authorities that they actually had an argument while driving before he left her in a parking lot in Cocoa Beach, Florida. He is the official last person who has seen her, however, he is not considered a suspect. Her mother, Linda Curtis, had some doubts about it, because Tami has supposedly told her that she is afraid of him.

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The scene of “Scarface” that sent her into hysterics was not a sudden outburst. Her mother knew there is something Tami hasn’t told her and her confession consumed her. Tami confessed to her mother that in effort to score points, she found herself on a huge drug-money laundering operation in Brevard. Had Tami told anyone about this operation would’ve probably costed her life, which could’ve resulted in the fear and paranoia she developed. Her mother told Tami to make a report with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Department, but officer Mike Wong barely remembers the conversation. The best he could recollect was that the conversation had nothing to do with anyone trying to killer her.

Initially, the police suspected that Tami ran away, but later on many theories have been developed regarding her disappearance. One theory connects her case to the serial killer Christopher Wilder. Linked to a dozen disappearances, rapes, murders and attacks of women in the early to mid-1980s and known for targeting young models, Christopher Wilder makes a suitable profile for Tami’s disappearance.

Tami was a relatively famous model in Florida as she won several titles and landed important parts in a few movies. As Christopher was luring young female victims to “modeling sessions”, she would’ve easily fit well into this sort of scenario. During a shootout with authorities in spring 1984, Christopher Wilder was shot to death. Before that, Curtis filled a $1 million wrongful lawsuit against Wilder. After he died, she dropped it right away, because as she explained, it was only to force the man to answer questions regarding her daughter.

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Age Progression Tami Lynn
Age Progression of what Tammy may look like at the age of 48

The case of Tami Lynn Leppert involved another suspect, whose name was John Crutchley. He was a kidnapper and rapist who was suspected for the death of over 30 women. In 2002, he committed a suicide in prison. The mother of Tami thinks that it’s most likely for her daughter to have been killed because she knew too much about drug trafficking in Florida. She also reported that her daughter was showing signs of paranoia about the most random of things, such as when consuming food.

After 33 years and 11 months, there is no trace of Tami Lynn Leppert and her disappearance. This is everything we know about this case, but unfortunately we don’t know what happened with her and if she’s dead or alive. To this day, no one has ever seen or heard from her. It is unknown if her paranoia has resulted in her disappearance or she knew too much about someone or some organization to be among the living. Her sister is still active on many social networking sites, dedicated to find her sister. Look for “My missing sister Tammy Leppert” on Facebook for any sort of information you might be interested in.


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