VSCO Cam Filters: Settings, Guide and Hacks for Better Photos

Master the art of good photo editing with the most popular app VSCO and apply the VSCO cam filters to turn your photos into masterpieces.

In a world full of smartphones addicts (or social media enthusiasts, if you will), it is becoming increasingly more difficult to stand out from the crowd with a magnificent artistic shot from your summer, because there are millions alike. The quest for well accepted pictures seems to have turned us all into aesthetic producers, turning our photographs into content for our private profiles that can tell our friends or customers (whether personal or business account) a lot about ourselves or our brand.

VSCO Cam Filter Hacks
VSCO Cam Filters

Snapping a picture for your private collection only is no longer happening; it wouldn’t mean a thing if you don’t share it with the world which seems to be enhancing the whole experience of taking pictures. In average, 55 million of pictures are posted daily on Instagram, the second most popular social media network and, more or less, we are all trying to fit somewhere in between those blurry selfies, professional photos, cheesy hashtags and artistic shots.

To assist its users introduce their view on the world in a more aesthetically pleasing way, Instagram provides a constrained set of tools and some pre-made filters. But for those with a keen eye on detail and gifted photographers, Instagram is not enough. And that’s where photo-editing phone applications step in. That’s where a small app known as VSCO rose to the occasion as a leading app with those requirements and offered the much desired photo-editing options that Instagram lacked.

VSCO Cam Filters and Hacks

VSCO Cam App, pronounced “VisCo”, is a photography mobile app for Android and iOS that allows you to capture photos in the app, edit already taken pictures and share it on your favorite social media network as soon as you’re finished or in your so-called grid at VSCO’s social platform. Founded in 2011 when the competition among photo-editing apps was low, the Oakland-based company earned reputation on its subtle, natural-looking photo filters, inspired by classic film. Amateurs, Instagram-addicts, professional photographers, teens and adults – they all love it. Moreover, #VSCOcam is the second most commonly used hashtag on Instagram and the most popular branded hashtag of all.

Aside from its huge popularity on Instagram, VSCO is becoming a popular photo-sharing platform on its own. Although the social platform of VSCO is yet to become a fierce competitor to Instagram, the community of VSCO is growing each day and it’s only a matter of time for all Instagram users to give it a try on creating their grids on VSCO. The reason why many people are unfamiliar with the social platform is because VSCO started as a photo-editing app. Nevertheless, the team of VSCO has made a great job with their social platform without compromising the reliable photo-editing tools and filters.

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Come to think of it, VSCO is an anti-social social network. Compared to all other social networks, you can’t “like” or “react” on masterpieces you like, nor you can leave a comment. When you find a photographer whose work you like, you can only follow them and stay updated with their latest work. Also, most works of art do not contain any unnecessary text, save for stuff relegated to their work, such as ISO and filter used. The directors of VSCO are all about minimalism and you can tell by the first glance through the app.

The Best Instagram VSCO Cam Filter Hacks

While the app provides a handy list of ready-to-use VSCO cam filters and simple yet useful adjustment tools, there is still a lot of ways you can manipulate with them for best results. The app offers a filter for every mood, every setting, every color scheme and every vibe you want to express with your photo. If you still haven’t downloaded VSCO, you should do it now before you proceed. We are about to provide you with some tips and hacks for better photos, so the best way to learn is to try these settings and filters on as you read.

If you have the app installed, then let’s get to some of the VSCO cam filters that are free. Note that you can purchase a lot of filters, presents and filter packs at incredibly low prices, especially when on promotion. The following are only few of the most commonly used VSCO cam filters and basically, all the filters you need to get started.

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B1: A standard black and white filter that needs no description. If you like your black and white photos to look soft and not too gray, you shouldn’t visit the VSCO market for any b/w filters.

B5: For darker and sharper looking black and white photos, VSCO provides the B5 filter for free. It creates stronger black colors and gives the photos a grunge tone, which makes them look like screenshots from an old movie.

C1: For those who fancy vibrant colors (or should I say feminine/girly photos), C1 is the ideal filter. It will make the photo super vibrant and make the tones of your photo blossom. Best used for pink/purple colored photos.

F2: If you were drawn to the app because it’s commonly described as a film-like editing photo app, F2 is bound to be your go-to filter. This filter gives the much desired film vibe and a matte look. The mellow/fade preset is perfect for everyday moments, moody landscapes and edgy street photography.

S2: Bright, clean and warm, the S series is all about boosting skin tones and making portraits and scenes with light backgrounds look flawless. The yellow and orange tones will perfectly suit your lifestyle and everyday photos as well.

T1: For darker lit images or shots of nature, the famous moody filter that has a darker vibe and tones pared down can give best results. The T1 filter is also suitable for mood lighting photography. Since it takes away a lot of the colors, it is not recommended for those who like bright colors.

Now that you’re somewhat familiar with some of the most popular and free VSCO Cam filters, it’s time to show you what sort of magic they can do with your photos. Just remember, you can adjust the degree of intensity of each filter and that can be a real game changer.









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