Why is Caillou Bald? Funny Things About Caillou

Caillou is a popular Canadian educational youngsters’s television series which ran from September, 1997 to October, 2010. The TV show is based at the books by means of creator Hélène Desputeaux and it focuses on a four-year-vintage boy named Caillou who is slowly learning approximately lifestyles and the sector round him. For years, this cherished preschooler has entertained kids from all around the world and annoyed their dad and mom. However, the only query on everyone’s minds changed into: “Why Does Caillou Have No Hair?”.

Does Caillou Have Cancer?

The fairly ingenious four-year-vintage boy is susceptible to daydreaming and loves his crammed dinosaur named Rexy, his teddy undergo Teddy, and his pet cat Gilbert. But, there’s one funny element about Caillou: he’s bald, even as his little sister Rosy has a complete head of hair despite being smaller than him. So, parents and kids who watch the display can’t help but wonder: “Why can’t Caillou grow any hair?”. Well, in line with the most famous urban legend, Caillou has cancer and goes thru chemotherapy treatments, so that is the motive why his dad and mom are sympathetic and continually allow him get his manner (even though he’s being extraordinary bratty or whiny). According to this story, even though he’s very young, Caillou is privy to his sickness and tries to address the tough scenario by the usage of his most powerful tool: his bright imagination. He’s now not sure if he’ll be capable of grow up, so he makes use of his imagination to move on adventures and imagines himself as unique characters which includes firefighter, doctor, or even a superhero. Because of this urban legend, many dad and mom won’t permit their kids watch Caillou due to the fact they don’t want them watching a TV display about a kid with cancer. According to every other darker urban legend, the boy is already dead and that’s why his grandmother is the one telling the tales approximately his existence and his adventures so as to preserve the reminiscence of her loving grandson alive.

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However, these memories are not true. The TV series was apparently primarily based on a much younger person from illustrated children’s books. In the authentic books, Caillou turned into depicted as a nine-month-old baby, however he has hair whilst he grows up. Nonetheless, the manufacturers of the show idea that giving the person hair would make him unrecognizable. They determined to hold Caillou hairless, so viewers ought to still pick out him, but also to reveal youngsters that having exclusive or “unusual” looks is flawlessly fine. They likely in no way concept that Caillou’s baldness turns into the sort of controversial topic amongst viewers, particularly mother and father who won’t let their children watch the cartoon.

If you’re interested in locating out extra about Caillou, right here are some interesting statistics approximately this liked cartoon man or woman!
The call Caillou virtually comes from the French translation of the word “pebble”, which means that stone. Reflecting her philosophy of appreciate for kids as adults, Dr. Françoise Dolto typically asked youngsters to give her pebbles as a manner of “paying” her for the consultations. The author and publisher of the “Caillou” books, Christine L’Heureux named the character to honor Dr. Dolto’s work and contribution.

However, there is probably every other purpose why the creators of the TV series have chosen the call Caillou. The word “caillou” can also mean “bald head” and considering the fact that the person is called the the little bald-headed boy, this makes best sense.
Many parents of young children are honestly irritated via Caillou and that they think that he’s a terrible role model for youngsters round the arena. There are many reasons why mother and father hate this spoiled boy so much:

  • He is whiny, throws tantrums, and he’s always complaining approximately everything.
    He is self-centered and asks “why” approximately everything: “Why do I need to sleep?”, “Why do animals have eyes?”.
  • The theme track is disturbing and says the phrase Caillou a endless range of times. The tune will probable force you nuts after a few seconds, however after you pay attention it you can’t get it from your head.
  • Even even though he pretends to like his sister Rosie and his friends, you recognize it’s all a large lie. Every time his little sister receives some thing, Caillou turns into jealous and whines about her getting more than him. Every time his buddies come over, Caillou loses it while he has to share his toys with them.
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Caillou’s mother and dad are not certainly the epitome of accurate mother and father. His mother and father are horrible and there’s certainly some thing off about them. For example, when Caillou is moody and throws a temper tantrum, his dad and mom appearance cheerful – they don’t ever get mad at him and act like every is normal. Instead of teaching him desirable manners and letting him recognise that he needs to regulate his tone and behavior, they usually supply him what he wants at the end, nearly as a praise for his horrific behavior.