Yes, I've been posting, despite the fact that my domestic page doesn't look like it. In fact, I've been doing some of weblog-associated activities. I've posted to class blogs and even installation a new category which I will announce soon.
I'm splitting up my blog into more than one site. Is cross-posting to more than one sites taken into consideration bad internet etiquette? I've heard this is a no-no in newsgroups. What approximately blogs? Oh, well–I do it a lot. Radio UserLand's model sincerely makes it very clean to do.

There are four essential sites:

  • xagronaut.Com with technical data in a couple of categories.
  • XAG.Org with Christian technology facts.
  • PrayerChannel.Com with statistics approximately creating a prayer request XML feed.
  • AintPerfect.Com wherein I provide critiques, corrections, and confessions (no longer to be stressed with the sort of paintings that Dean Peters does for churches). No, mine is a bit more pedantic.

So, my point is this: at some stage in the changes to my blogging infrastructure, you could now not see quite a few posts on my essential feed. Then again, if I hold cross-posting, you just would possibly anyway.

I also have numerous other domain names that might be used, however I might be spreading myself thin.

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